How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

The fashion “rules” of old tell us not to wear white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day. This antiquated rule doesn’t make sense in today’s society. I did some research to try to understand the basis of the rule and see if there was formerly a functional aspect, and to much avail, I couldn’t find much. Most sources are aligned that the rule was a part of high society signaling an end to summer vacation and back to the city, where darker clothes are more appropriate (Southern Living). Some high society who could afford to go on vacation in the fall and winter would wear white whereas those who couldn’t afford it were beholden to the rule (USA Today). The rule has become all but obsolete these days, but for some reason many still be live wearing white pants in winter is a faux pas.

I stopped following the rule years ago, and learning that there is no basis for it, makes it all the more silly. I love wearing white pants all year round. There are so many ways you can style them, it elevates any look! Below I’m sharing 13 ways to wear white pants in winter.

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How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

White Winter Pants Outfit 1

With this look, I used the checkerboard rule, which says that you can balance your outfits like a checkerboard when wearing opposing colors. This outfit features white pants between a black shirt and black booties, styled over the top with a plaid blazer. I also added a detail of a black belt as well.

How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

White Winter Pants Outfit 2

This outfit is with the same white jeans with a wide collar sweater. The white stripes in the sweater go well wit the white pants and the tan sweater and brown bag balance out the outfit with brown platform booties.

How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

White Winter Pants Outfit 3

I love an all-white monochromatic outfit in the winter. This wool sweater was a great buy as it is super warm and cozy in cold weather. It matches the cream of my combat boots perfectly for a monochrome look.

How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

White Winter Pants Outfit 4

You can’t forget the outerwear when styling winter looks. This time of year calls for layers, and as far as I am concerned, your outerwear is a part of your outfit! I grabbed my brown plaid overcoat and styled it with my suede loafers.

How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

White Winter Pants Outfit 5

The same suede loafers as above style perfectly with this tan sweater vest on top. I styled a white shirt underneath to bring the white all the way though the look. Outfits are all about finding balance in your weights, shapes, and colors, and this one is a great example of the checkerboard concept!

How to Wear White Pants In The Winter

White Winter Pants Outfit 7

I loved this outfit I wore to work years ago when I worked in an office. I paired this neutral color-blocked sweater with these cream-white wide leg pants and a suede nude platform bootie. I was so comfortable and felt so stylish and put together.

winter outfit ideas

White Winter Pants Outfit 8

I put this outfit as the hero photo on this blog post because I loved it so much! Another monochromatic look with a few highlighted pieces. This coat was a Christmas gift from my family. I kept getting ads for it and could not get it out of my head because it was so beautiful! I love the style and soft colors of the large plaid. I styled a simple white t-shirt and enhanced the tan in the coat with my brown Polene bag and platform booties.

winter coat outfit ideas

White Winter Pants Outfit 9

A simple a chic casual winter look is this classic black sweater from Mott & Bow with my belt bag on top paired with my white jeans and sneakers on the bottom. This is an easy weekend look or even can be worn to a causal lunch or office environment.

black and white winter style

White Winter Pants Outfit 10

Similar to the other monochromatic outfits, this look’s hero piece is the eye-catching shearling jacket. I grabbed this jacket this year and unfortunately haven’t had much opportunity to wear it due to the mild winter we had here in Texas, but I loved styling it with these white jeans and combat boots. I will definitely be replicating this look next winter!

shearling jacket outfit

White Winter Pants Outfit 11

Another simple white-pants outfit is to pair your white pants with a colorful jacket. I have this pretty purple jacket to throw over any sweater or casual top. Here I styled it with my suede loafers.

white pants winter season fashion

White Winter Pants Outfit 12

Another styled look here that can be worn to a causla office or easily on the weekends is this cardigan outfit. I styled my grey cardigan over a simple black t-shirt with my white pants and lace-up heeled booties.

cardigan outfit idea

White Winter Pants Outfit 13

The below outfit is strictly reserved for weekends for me. It is super informal with a cute sweatshirt from KJP, white denim, and white sneakers to complete the casual look.

what to wear with white pants

White Winter Pants Outfit 13

Finally, another work-look with these wide-leg white pants. I love them styled with this pink blouse, but you can choose from so many colors! I usually chose neutrals or more muted colors especially with white. This is a real outfit I wore to work when i was in an office! I styled this blouse and pants with snakeskin pumps.

Lush blouse from Nordstrom, white/cream work pants from Target, and snakeskin pumps by Sam Edelman

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