Invisalign Before and After with Krieger Orthodontics in Lewisville TX

Invisalign Before and After with Krieger Orthodontics in Lewisville TX featured by top Dallas lifestyle blogger, Running in Heels.

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It’s been about a year since the last update of my Invisalign treatment with Krieger Orthodontics. I’m so happy to say that I am DONE with my last round of Invisalign! In this post, I’m going to share about the process and what it has been like during COVID-19. But the best part I will be showing is my before and after!

I started my Invisalign journey after years of not wearing my retainers. I met with Dr. Krieger, a Diamond Invisalign provider, about straightening my teeth (for the second time) and learned about this journey. It has been over two years since the start of my journey, and through around 100 trays, my teeth have straightened out to perfection! If you’d like to read more about how my journey began, and how Invisalign works, read this post!

Invisalign Results: Before and After

What is the Invisalign Process?

When I started my process my first round had about 14 trays. Dr. Krieger would add attachments to my teeth to help anchor the trays and move my teeth. We continued several rounds as my teeth adjusted and towards the end, we added to add rubber bands to move my jaw forward. By my estimation, in all, I had around 100 trays. I would go into Dr. Krieger’s office before, 6-8 weeks in, and then after each round of trays.

You wear each tray for 22hrs/ day (basically whenever you aren’t eating) for a week and then swap for the next in line. Each tray has slight adjustments with the last few being the end goal. Sometimes your teeth don’t move as expected, which is why you go for regular check-ins. At that time Dr. Krieger will set you up with another round of adjusted trays for treatment.

How Much Does Invisalign Cost?

The cost can vary by how much work you need, and whether or not your insurance covers your treatment. However, it is estimated to cost between $3000-8000.

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How Long Does Invisalign Take?

The time it takes to do each individual treatment is different for every person. My timing was estimated to take only a year, but with all of the adjustments, it has actually taken over two years. Remember, faster is not always better- personally while moving bones around my mouth, I’m ok with it taking a little more time to do it right.

*If you’re thinking of going with a mail-order place like Smile-Direct Club for swiftness, I strongly urge you to take a look at this post for what orthodontists are saying about them.

When is a Good Time to do Invisalign?

Now! There will never be a perfect time to do Invisalign, but the best part about them is that you can wear them without people knowing. They are virtually invisible. Even when I had rubber bands, I rarely felt self-conscious with my aligners in. My friends all knew about them, and most often people would ask questions about getting their own or what my process was like.

But now during COVID-19, may be the best time yet- we’re all wearing masks! No one will ever know about your Invisalign unless you tell them. So check your finances, and hop into your car to see Dr. Krieger because there is no “best” time to start, just when you are ready.

Do I recommend Invisalign with Dr. Krieger?

Absolutely! I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Krieger and absolutely loved him and his team. They made this process was seamless and simple, even during the pandemic. Every step of the way, Dr. Krieger was sure to make sure I was comfortable, that I knew everything that was going on, and made sure I knew what the next steps were.

I 1000% recommend Dr. Krieger and his team. You can even hear him say in the video that he wants to make sure everything is perfect, but not just to his standards, but that I felt that they were as well, and that is so important when you’re trusting someone with your smile!

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