Is Summer Really Ending?

Time goes by so fast, so I’m trying not to make it go even faster. Fall doesn’t actually start for another few weeks, so even though it’s September now, I plan on making the rest of my summer days count!

When you are young, Fall signifies back to school, seeing friends again, and getting back into a routine. This is the first year for me that there aren’t any major changes going into Fall. For the most part I see the same people day to day, I have the same work schedule- there’s not much that can change with a 9-5 job, and in Dallas, the weather doesn’t even change for at least another month. I mean, how different is 109, 99, and 89 degrees in the grand scheme of things?

When I was younger and lived in the midwest, I loved those long summer days of playing outside or staying up all night with my friends, now that’s only the weekends, and it’s rough. I like sleep. But even as an adult I can’t say I want summer to go away just yet. Here are a few reasons why I am loving summer:

Pool Days

I admit I don’t take advantage of these as much as I should, but when you and all of your friends have pools, the question shouldn’t be if or when, but where?

Summer Fridays

At some companies there is such a thing as Summer Fridays where you can work from home, take a half day, or just take the day off. Even being in the office on Fridays in the summer isn’t so bad because everyone leaves early and your plate gets lighter because no one can walk up to you with a question or a project to distract you, so you are able to focus on your own work.


Brunch is 100% better on a patio outdoors. End of story.


I know not everyone shares my thoughts here, but to me, there is no better feeling than the sun on your skin. (Just don’t forget the sunscreen!) I love walking outside from a freezing air conditioned office or store and being hit in the face with bright, amazing sun and vitamin D, or laying by the pool with a book, even taking a walk with some friends, I’m not picky.

The Clothes

I would much rather be wearing wedges than stilettos! Plus I’m not a person to wear flats- I just don’t think they are comfortable, so I would much rather be in sandals or flip flops! Skirts, dresses, shorts, you name it, I’m not quite ready to put them away for the winter yet. Luckily, as I mentioned, I get summer a little longer in Texas than I used to have up north!

I’ll be rooting for summer until it’s officially Fall later this month, and then we can talk about sweaters and pumpkins. For now, stay tuned for more of my favorite end of Summer looks!

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