January Instagram Round-Up


Hi Everyone! Wow, it’s already February. Although I missed on a few of my goals in January, I still had a fantastic month overall. I rang in the new year with great friends and a wonderful guy at a really posh party. I continued to grow both personally and professionally, and overcame some huge obstacles. Guys, I got a puppy this month! She’s a handful, but an absolute joy to have around. She and Elie get along really well and the pups make me so happy! I also travelled to see a really old friend in a brand new city. I love seeing new places, and St. Paul was a really cool place with the best people.

I love doing these posts because usually my photos capture the best of times. It’s so nice to look back over the last few weeks and remember the people, places, and animals that made me happy this month.

xoxo Kasey



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