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How Not to Look Frunpy in Sweats

Hi friends! It’s Friday (friyay) and I am so happy it’s almost the weekend, I have had a crazy and exciting week and I can’t wait to share my news with you all! At the end of a long week I like to dress in a cozy outfit like these joggers and leather jacket to run errands and get some work done, but still look cute. The key is to not look frumpy or like you rolled out of be in the process. Usually on lazy weekends or days when I work from home, putting an outfit together and doing my hair and make-up makes me feel better and more productive. It is usually necessary when I want to get things done! Do any of you feel that way? Let me know in the comments!

How Not to Look Frumpy in Sweats

This outfit is a go-to for me. I love these joggers for several reasons. First, because they are super comfy, they have a little sparkle to them that I love and makes them look less like pajamas. Finally, because you can change-up the length keeping them longer or shorter if you get colder/warmer. Paired with a simple black tee, sneaks, and my staple leather jacket I’m out the door in twenty minutes!

The key to not looking frumpy in baggy pants like these is to pull yourself together in other areas. Do your hair and make up a bit. Wear something with some structure on top as well. Remember this tip on balance? Same rules apply here, if you’re wearing a baggy sweatshirt, balance it out with smaller sandals or a pair of skinny jeans.  I chose my leather jacket and this thin black tee to balance my look, I love how the textures look together!

How not to look frumpy in sweats.
How not to look frumpy in sweats: joggers and leather
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