How to Wear a Knit Dress

knit dress and lace-up flats

I love a knit dress, they are very versatile and can be worn in many different ways. I love to throw them on for weekend errands with casual sneakers to look cute and stay comfy. I’ve always known that I wear a lot of knit dresses, I truly love them and have tons, but it wasn’t until I dug through my photo archives to see how many different ways I have styled them all. I love that I can round them up and share them with you here! Keep reading for shoes to wear with a knit dress!

In writing this post, I originally had in mind a casual knit dress to throw on on the weekends, but as I typed and styled, I realized there are so many options including cozy sweater dresses, athletic dresses, casual knit t-shirt dresses, and more. In this post, I mostly focused on the casual knit dresses as pictured with the black mock-neck dresses, but so many of these shoe options can also be paired with knit sweater dresses as well.

How to Wear a Knit Dress

About the Knit Dress

Knitting has been around for hundreds of years, but knit dresses became prevalent in the 1940s when Emilio Pucci launched jersey knit dresses in their collection. Later on, in the 1950s, Chanel added knit suits to her collection, followed by Missoni’s knit skirts and dresses in their classic zig-zag pattern in the 1960s. Now, we wear knit in all different forms, and the knit dress is a staple in a woman’s wardrobe!

I love a good knit dress! They are the best thing to wear, period. I could live in them. I have a great range of colors, prints, and styles, now in my wardrobe, and I love how comfortable they are! Plus they’re easy to dress up or down depending on the occasion. They are my go-to for spring and summer but can be worn year-round.

What Shoes to Wear With a Knit Dress


I chose my leopard lace-up flats for these photos because I wanted something cute and comfy but I could still wear in this weird weather we’ve got going on in Dallas. In the spring it can be hot one day, and then cold again the next, so I usually stick to closed-toe shoes until about May.

knit dress and lace-up flats

Flat Sandals

Sandals are my go-to in the summertime, so I love grabbing a cute, flat leather pair of sandals to wear with my knit dresses. My favorites lately have been a few Jack Rogers pairs, but there are so many good options out there! These are great for cookouts or outdoor events where you want to look cute but be comfortable. Always choose flats if there is a chance you’ll be walking on grass!

Now, I don’t normally choose flip flops, but if you are wearing a cute leather pair, or wearing your knit dress on the beach or as a cover-up flip flips are a great choice!

Heeled Sandals

If you want to dress up a knit dress, try out some heels! You will attend so many afternoon lunches and gatherings in a cute look with heeled sandals. I also love this for a quick shopping trip, or coffee date. I recommend a block heel vs a stiletto to not over-dress the look and keep it more casual still.


Wedges are heeled sandals more casual sister. In addition, wedges have a more relaxed feel to them but are still a step up from flats. They often provide a ton of heights and some additional design or color. After the Chloe SS24 fashion shows, some boho options are coming back in style after a few recent years of not being at the top of the fashion charts.


Sneakers and a knit dress are possibly my favorite combo because they are truly the casual-running-around-but-still-look-put-together outfit. Leather sneakers are also great in the cooler months to wear with a sweater dress. I have always loved a fun pair of converse, and though I don’t usually go for the pink and purple color combos as shown below, I still love this style together!

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are the ultimate ‘on a mission’ shoe to wear with a casual knit dress, or more likely an athletic dress. I see this look great for moms with kids at the park, or on a family walk. Anywhere leather sneakers just won’t do, and you need extra comfort and potentially a little more speed and agility.

Ankle Boots

The perfect fall shoe to pair with your sweater dress outfit or casual knit dress! I would go for a rounded toe with a more casual look for a casual knit dress to balance the look. I would also suggest a jacket to enhance the ‘fall’ vibes and really play into the layering season. Ankle booties are fantastic to style with a mini sweater dress for the fall and winter months!

Knee High Boots

With a casual knit dress, I would generally keep it to ankle booties, but depending on the style, you could do a sweater dress with higher boots. I prefer knee-high boots with a mini or midi sweater dress or knit dress. While over-the-knee or thigh-high boots have been “out” of fashion for several years now, I did like them with this style dress and have some great older photos below! At the end of the day, if you love them, I say go for it.

Combat Boots

I love a pair of combat boots, and pairing them with a knit dress is such a fun element of contrast. My outfit idea here is to wear them with a cool rocker t-shirt dress and an oversized leather jacket in my head, but you could also go with an oversized sweater dress and fishnets, black tights, or none at all! Combat boots always add a bit of edge to your outfit, and with a dress, they add a cool element of grunge.

How to Wear a Knit Dress with flats
How to Wear a Knit Dress with lace-up flats
Knit Dress and Lace-Up Flats
How to Wear a Knit Dress
How to Wear a Knit Dress
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How to Wear a Knit Dress
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