Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

Believe it or not, we’re coming down to the wire on Christmas gifts already. Between stock issues and shipping delays you’ll want to get moving on gifts if you haven’t finished yet! If you have a few more people to check off of your list, or even if haven’t started shopping yet, I’ve got the perfect guide for you here for everyone on your list! This is different from my big Holiday in Heels Gift Guide because I’ve broken it down by every last person on your list, from the hostesses to your brother in law, I found gifts for everyone and anyone in your life!

Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone In Your Life

First thing is first, if it’s Christmas eve and you’re reading this post, get off your butt and go to the mall, because nothing will get here in time if you order it, so I’m sorry, but your procrastination is officially worse than mine and it’s go time. BUT if you’ve still got a few days I’m listing out some of the best gift ideas for everyone on your list.

I’ve grouped a few common people together in instances where the gifts could be for any of them. Additionally, while I don’t technically have In-Laws I am shopping for Kale’s family, so it’s the same idea! Sometimes we feel so much pressure to buy the perfect gift for the people in our lives, we forget that sometimes it truly is the thought that counts!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Parents

Mothers are the heart of the home, so they are one of the most important people to take care of this time of year! Chances are they’ve been running around like crazy getting things ready for parties and making sure the house is clean and decorated, and of course putting your presents under the tree. I love to get gifts to pamper these women this time of year. Something cozy or a nail/massage gift card. Jewelry and accessories like gold huggie earrings are always good too. What woman doesn’t want jewelry or a new scarf to wrap up in?

I used to think my dad was so hard to shop for, but he’s actually gotten easier as I’ve gotten older. Pay attention to their favorite sports teams. You can almost never go wrong with a tee or sweatshirt with their favorite team on it. Travel coffee mugs are great, and take a look at their dopp kit, because it’s probably been a while since it’s been updated.

Christmas Gift Ideas for In-Laws

This is honestly my first year shopping for In-Laws (technically not In-Laws yet but you get the idea), and it’s tough! Kale was a big help in deciding what to get, so definitely bug your man about what a good gift for his parents would be! You can definitely get the same types of gifts as you would get your own parents. For the men, you may have to swap out sports teams, but the idea would be the same. Women again should be pampered this time of year! (See options above.)

Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Grandparents are probably the harder ones to shop for. Neither of my grandparents watch traditional sports, but my grandpa loves cars and music, and my grandma decorates her home in a theme, so figures and ornaments that follow the theme work well. At this point in their lives, they know what they like and aren’t really crazy about switching it up. My parents help a lot here, but for a few winners over the last few years, books about their favorite topics are great. A pullover or new jacket is good and usually get put to good use, and blankets are great too!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Best Friend / Sister

Of course, this could be the same person, but in case it isn’t I’ve got a few different ideas! My sister is only a few years younger than me but our lives are very different. I always have to step out of my head to buy her something! The same thing goes for my best friend. We lead very different lives, not to mention she lives in Minnesota and I live in Texas, so the climate alone is a massive differentiator. I do try to stay away from clothes, but just like for the guys, a pullover or cute tee could be a great gift. Most girls love jewelry, bath products, and as we get our own apartments, and buy our own homes. Kitchen goods are always fun too, just make sure she likes to cook or bake! My best friend and I both love Disney and have Mickey Mouse hand pot holders, kitchen and home items can be fun too! I also love a planner as a gift for Christmas.

Getting prepped for the new year is daunting sometimes. Help her get organized with a new planner. With Erin Condren, you can even personalize one exactly to her preferences! I personally love the weekly LifePlanner, but there are also gorgeous soft-bound planners, wedding planners, daily planners, teacher planners, and so much more! You can also add some fun accessories. I love stickers for my planner and Erin Condren’s fine tip markers are the best!

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Christmas Gift Ideas for your Brother / Guy Friend / Uncle

This one is tough for me because I don’t actually have a brother and I can only think of one time I exchanged gifts with a guy who wasn’t in my family and I wasn’t dating. He got me a stick. Literally, tied a ribbon on it and everything. It was obviously a joke, but I think it’s still in my bedroom at my parents’ house. I did get him a t-shirt to his favorite Big 10 school, and it went over perfectly. My uncle is pretty easy actually. He’s big into music and plays a lot of string instruments, plus he is a huge dog person and we bond over that. One year I got him beer glasses with different guitars on them, and it was great!

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Significant Other

Similar to the other guys in your life, all you have to do is pay attention. What do they do for fun? What sports do they watch? Do they like to cook? How about their favorite place to eat? If it’s a new relationship, a t-shirt for their favorite sports team, and a gift card to their favorite restaurant would be a great gift. I have a full men’s gift guide here with tons of ideas!

Each year I find myself spending more and more on gifts, because it’s getting easier to buy them. Talk to his best friend and learn where they hang out and what his favorite gear is. I learned where Kale golf’s frequently and got him a gift card along with the fancy expensive golf balls he likes one year. Figure out his size in clothes, because if he finds something he likes it’s a good addition to any gift. Kale found out in the last year or so that he’s a huge Lululemon fan. Many guys aren’t big on clothing as a gift, so I wouldn’t make that the only present you give, but if you can swing it, ABC pants are the favorite of quite a few men I know!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

Christmas gifts for kids are pretty easy because they always want a new toy! However, even as a girly girl, I was not into Barbie’s as a child, so don’t assume. The best thing you can do is ask them! Of course, these gifts will vary with age, and this is the first year I have bought a children’s gift I’m not even sure how many years. Here are a few good places to start, though.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Hostess

No matter what time of year, if you’re going to a party at someone’s home you should bring a hostess gift. This gift can vary in price and quality depending on how well you know the person, but I’m covering a few catchalls for anyone’s holiday party. Food is always great to bring. Ask ahead of time if there is anything the hosts are needing. You can bring it in a nice bowl or tray (even holiday-themed) and tell the hostess it’s hers to keep so that she doesn’t try to give it back to you (yes, this happened to me)! Wine is always a good idea for holiday gifts.  Be sure to put it in a cute wine bag or add a bow, and don’t forget to add a tag with your name! We recently hosted a party and I had no idea who got us some of the wine we had when I was writing thank yous. I’m also a fan of a themed mug with hot chocolate fixings, or even a little Sugarfina candy cube!

Christmas Gift Ideas for CoWorkers

CoWorkers are a tough one because you could be shopping for a ton of people. I’d stick with your immediate team and the people you work with most often if you have a large office. Keep the gift under $25, and if it’s more than a couple of people, keep it under $10. Good ideas for women in the office are lip glosses, hand lotions, or bath bombs. Gifts for anyone in the office could be a Starbucks gift card, Sugarfina cube, or even homemade cookies.

Christmas Gift Ideas for your Boss

I drew my boss in last year’s office gift exchange. I ended up getting a gift card to his favorite lunch place because I had no clue! For a male boss, a gift card is good, but you could also do a travel mug for an actual gift. For a female boss, a candle, philosophy product, or mug would be a nice gesture.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Pets

Buying the dogs’ Christmas presents is so much fun! My dogs always appreciate a special treat around the holidays! I love giving them a Sprinkles Pupcake or go to the fancy dog bakery to grab fun cookies. It’s also really fun to get them toys that I don’t buy them regularly. I usually don’t give them anything with a squeaker or anything that is stuffed because they kill it in 5 minutes. But for the holidays I treat them and they get their five minutes of fun as I watch in a panic very closely so they don’t eat the sqeaker. I found the cutest pupaccino toys and couldn’t resist them!

Secret Santa / White ElephantChristmas Gift Ideas

Typically you know who you’re getting your gift for, which is the case with a Secret Santa, but not with a White Elephant Exchange. It’s tough when there are men and women in the office, but my recommendation would be to get something gender-neutral. A gingerbread house to build, wine, a plant/herbs, a popular movie, are all good gender-neutral ideas so no one feels left out.

Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone In Your Life

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