How to Get a Straighter Smile with Invisalign & Krieger Orthodontics

I met with Dr. Krieger for my complimentary consultation, and we talked about my options. At 26 there was no getting me back into braces, so Invisalign was the best option (the only one I was willing to work with). I started on the SimplyStr8 Program and at the time this article is being written, I am about 13 weeks in.

How to Keep a Tan All Year Long

I’ve been getting tons of questions on my tan lately, some people even as where I’ve been on vacation! While I wish I was on a beach working on my tan, I’m definitely not. However, I have found the best way to maintain my tan and look bronzed all year round!

How To Rehydrate Skin Quickly

The weather in Dallas has been yo-yo-ing so much lately and my skin can’t keep up! As soon as the temperatures drop, my skin dries out, and it isn’t a good look. Additionally I travel a lot this time of year, so the airplanes alone can wreak havoc on my skin’s hydration. It’s usually a nightmare, but this season I’ve found a solution from Olay, in their new Mists, which not only hydrate my skin quickly, but also helps energize or calm me depending on the scents I use.

A Step by Step Messy Bun Tutorial for Fine Hair

Sometimes, you just need a messy bun. My photos are usually pretty glam and to show my best side, but a lot of the time, I’m in my leggings and a pullover and need my hair out of my face. The causal style is one that I’ve been trying to master for years, complaining to my friends that my hair was too soft (which received many eye rolls). I finally figured out that the term was fine hair and complaining that you couldn’t have messy hair is not a great way to elicit empathy.

How To Get More Volume In Your Hair

This post is sponsored by Pantene, Thank you for supporting the brands that help make Running in Heels possible!
I love having long hair, but at times, the length weighs it down. When my hair looks flat it’s an immediate bad hair day and I throw on a hat. Over the years I have come up with a ton of hacks to create extra volume, but it usually fails after only a few minutes. I decided that enough was enough with the tricks and products that didn’t work. I’m making a change for good! Aiming for more great hair days, I swapped my shampoo and conditioner with Pantene’s Sheer Volume Collection and took the 14 Day Challenge!

Spray Tan Misconceptions

I’ve been spray tanning regularly for a few months now. Before I started I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect, and I had a few concerns that were all debunked after my first session. I wanted to share these misconceptions with you because I can’t tell you enough how much I love being tan 24/7!

A Step by Step Pull Through Braid Tutorial

Pull-through braids are so popular lately and as soon as I tried one, I knew I found my new hairstyle. It’s quick and easy to do and a great alternative to my usual French braid. I made a Youtube video with a pull-through braid tutorial, so please watch below and subscribe to my channel!

How to Prepare for Your First Spray Tan

I have to admit, I was really late to the game here. I’ve always loved the way I look when I’m tan, but always thought I had to melt away outside for hours in order to get bronzed. I had heard about spray tanning but until I tried it myself I had no idea how amazing they could be! It’s a fairly simple process but I still had no idea what to expect my first time. With this post I hope I can help you prepare for your first spray tan!

The Latest in Haircare: Pantene Charcoal Collection

Charcoal has been taking the beauty industry by storm, and it has finally made it’s way into our haircare! Pantene Charcoal Collection combines activated charcoal with their amazing formulas to create a brand new shampoo and conditioner with activated charcoal. You know I love Pantene, so I am really thrilled to be partnering with them to show you their new Charcoal Collection!

FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box Reveal

I absolutely love receiving my FabFitFun box in the mail every season. It is always full of full sized products that I actually use throughout the season. I’m so excited to share this FabFitFun Summer 2018 Box Reveal with you in my first Youtube Video ever! I’m hoping to do more videos and I think with time my awkwardness will subside!

Getting Concert Ready with Palm Beach Tan

Last week, Kale and I were invited to Houston to go see Justin Timberlake in concert. He was amazing and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone put on a better show! I was a big N*SYNC fan back in the day, so it was basically my ten year old’s dream come true… Actually JT has been consistently amazing throughout my music listening life, so it was just an incredible experience! I couldn’t have done it without the help of Palm Beach Tan- they got me concert ready to go in no time!