Erin Condren Planner Review: How to Get Organized and Keep Your Sanity

I’ve always loved planners, so when I discovered Erin Condren I was a little too excited about it. I used to walk around with a notebook or planner and completely forget to use it. At one point I realized I was just carrying it around to make myself feel like I had it together. It’s not that I thought I could remember everything, it’s more that I wasn’t in a habit of using one. Last year I was determined to get my ish together and really make sure I had my job and my blog to-do’s in order. I had heard all about the Erin Condren Life Planner and decided it was the one for me!

What I Wish I Knew in College

Hindsight is 20/20 as they say. There are so many things I wish I knew in those four years, and so many things I wish I could tell my younger self! While of course I can’t go back, I do hope I can relay a few messages to my younger readers.

Why Choose Bar Stools for Your Apartment- Because You Don’t Need a Kitchen Table

When Kale and I started looking for a new apartment, I was so excited to get one thing- a kitchen table! When we moved in, I realized I had to make a choice for the space we had which was my kitchen table or my office area. Working from home, I preferred the office space. Luckily we found the perfect apartment for us with the help of Dallas Rentals, and we have a counter off of our island. We finally chose the perfect barstools c/o Apt2B and that’s where we eat all of our meals now!

Amazon Prime Day Wish List

Hooray! It’s Amazon Prime Day! Who else is excited to talk about something other than the Nordstrom Sale for a minute? It’s really a shame they happen at the same time because they both cost me a lot of money and I just booked a trip to NYC which means my bank account is NOT happy with me. So, instead of showing all of the stuff I bought (because it’s only one day, and while Amazon has really fast shipping, they haven’t figured out teleportation yet.)

Summer Bar Cart Styling

It’s summertime! That means sunshine, flowers, and summer drinks (preferably by the pool)! I love making fun drinks on my summer bar cart. A couple years ago I was so obsessed with the idea of a bar cart, so I got mine for Christmas last year, and have had the best time decorating it through the different seasons. I update my bar cart seasonally with new accessories and fun things from the Target dollar section! These adorable paper strawberry straws are my favorite purchase, and I can’t help but love the pretty sunflowers!

Apartment Hunting with Your SO

Looking for an apartment is hard, but looking for an apartment for two is even harder. Twice the ideas, twice the stuff, twice the opinions. There are so many factors that play into finding your new home, so you need to figure out what is important to both of you before searching. Apartment Hunting with Your SO is hard, but I compiled a list of things to consider beforehand.

Keeping in Touch with Basic Invite Stationary

When I was young my mom taught me to always write thank you notes, to send letters to my family. Then for years my best friend and I passed a notebook back and forth. We went to different schools but saw each other at dance class each week with notes. Unfortunately that habit did not carry into adulthood and my letter writing has been curbed for a while, but with the help of Basic Invite Stationary, I’m hoping to get back to it! 

How to Style a Bar Cart for the Holidays: The Anatomy of a Holiday Bar Cart

Tis the season for holiday parties and cocktails! It’s finally time to break out the Christmas decor, so if you’re just starting or haven’t started yet, I’m here to offer some inspiration for your bar cart corner! I got my bar cart for Christmas last year, so this is my first year being able to decorate it for the holidays! Keep scrolling for the anatomy of a holiday bar cart!