Maxi Skirt Dreaming

Maxi skirts are an interesting topic for me. I am super proud of my leg muscles, so I usually like to show them off, but every once in a while I find a cute outfit with a maxi skirt that I really end up loving. To be honest, this is the only maxi skirt I own as of now. I have not gotten much use out of it, however, I’m trying to work it into my weekday wardrobe because they are great for the office. They keep you much warmer in the AC than a midi or shorter version would, and they are super versatile. You can dress them up or down, especially this fabric, it’s flowy enough to go anyway I choose!

This look, however is not for the office. It’s a casual weekend look to wear while out with friends or on the go. I love a good graphic tank and most of mine end up being grey, this one is a bit different because on the low back. It gives it a cool look to show off the tatoo that I don’t have… maybe one day. I love this Dreamer tank because it’s so important to chase your dreams! This blog was a dream of mine for a long time, and it still is. I keep dreaming of ways to improve and grow, so I keep dreaming and finding new ways to learn and grow. As most of you know, I started a new job recently, and had I not dreamt of starting my blog and pushed myself to continue to learn in my adult life, I may not even have gotten an interview!

Back to my outfit; I paired the maxi skirt and tank with these cool, super high sandals. They aren’t super expensive, but I think that;s why I love them. They are a good, inexpensive brand that I can wear and not be too careful in. The sandals give my outfit an edgy look and keep my maxi skirt from dragging on the ground too much. I kept the vibe light with my fringe bag and some casual, fun jewelry!

Keep dreaming, friends, and keep reaching for those stars.

Dreamer tee and maxi skirt

maxi skirt

maxi skirt and shoes

maxi skirt

maxi skirt

xoxo Kasey

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