Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas for your New Home with Havenly & Promo Code

Mid Century Modern Living Design Ideas featured by top Dallas lifestyle blogger, Running in Heels.

I recently started working with Havenly to redesign our living room. Or actually, design it in the first place. We recently bought a house and moved from a one-bedroom apartment, so we’re lacking furniture and any semblance of design.

Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

How Havenly Works

Take a Style Quiz

First, you’ll log into Havenly and start your style quiz. You can select styles and rooms that you love and want to add to your profile. Later you’ll be able to add notes to these photos! This is like your in-platform Pinterest board. My style ended up being mid-century modern.

Select Your Design Plan

Next, you’ll decide what type of plan you want. Options are Mini and Full: In the Mini package, you can get help spicing up your space, with ideas and inspiration. With the Full package, you can have a blank space or the entire room redesigned.

No matter which package you choose, I have a promo code for 25% off your purchase! Code: KASEY25

The Living Room Design Process

You’ll choose your designer based on their profiles and previous designs. They will contact you with any questions and in a few days they send their first ideas. You can work with them to make adjustments and changes. Mine asked me where I feel like my budget is best spent and what pieces I would splurge vs save on. I thought this was an awesome question because we have a small budget and need to choose carefully.

Room Ideas

The first deliverable is the ideas where the designer will present 3 room ideas and ask for your feedback. My designer, Ana’s ideas for my mid century modern living room are below, and I felt like while some pieces were great, we weren’t quite there yet. So, I provided feedback in messages, but I also got to rate each total design 1-4 stars and choose whether I liked or disliked each individual item in the idea. The ideas my designer presented are below!


Next up is the concept where you hone in on your designs a bit more and get more specific with the pieces included. My concept included some of the pieces that I liked from the previous designs and then Ana added some additional details and accessories. In this stage, again I rated the concept, gave each new piece a thumb up or down, and I also wrote more feedback for Ana in this final step. In this stage, we definitely got much closer to my style and what I wanted, and I was really happy with how Ana took my initial feedback and applied it to the new design.

Havenly concept design
Finished Design

Finally, the finished mid-century modern living room design. You can shop pieces throughout the process right through the Havenly store! At each stage of the process, you rate and review the whole design and individual items. I worked really closely with Ana to choose a coffee table and get the final design just right. I think we nailed it!

Havenly finished design
Mid Century Modern Living Room Design Ideas

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