Mid-Century Modern Dining Room

Midcentury Modern Dining Room

It took me a while to figure out the design of our dining room. Most of our home is mid-century modern, (check out my cozy midcentury modern living room) so it only made sense to extend that to the dining room. I found our midcentury modern dining table and chairs years ago, but only recently finalized the full vision. Seeing it all come together in a mid-century modern style elevates our builder-grade home to a new level.

Green walls sounded like a simple solution but it actually took nine samples before we found one we liked! I was initially inspired by a set of Estelle Colored Glass Martini glasses I bought right before I started this project. One was the most gorgeous green!

Midcentury modern style is classic and features clean lines, bold or earthy colors, and geometric shapes. Unique details, functionality, and innovative materials also evoke the style. I combined these features to exude midcentury style in my home! Read on for inspiration and tips to style your own midcentury dining room.

Midcentury Modern Dining Room Ideas

Paint is Your Friend

Paint completely changes the entire look and feel of a room, it is so significant! The green here gives the room a custom look and feel, especially with the molding. Finding the right green was hard! We tested nine different samples, and our wall started looking camouflaged.

Our paint color is Sherwin Williams Sage Green.

Light Fixtures Make a Difference

Globe lighting is a fixture of midcentury modern design, so when I found it, it was so perfect for the room and I loved that the sconces that paired perfectly. I did make a mistake with the sconces though. I saw tons of “hacks” online where you could cut the cord and hang sconces with battery-operated lights, however my mistake was not understanding that either light fixture itself has to be battery operated, or the bulbs would not be clear incandescent or edison style. They are often opaque or differently shaped so would not look right in the sconces I purchased. I decided it was ok and they are just decoration for now until we decide to hard-wire them.

When we finally swapped out our builder’s classic six-candle chandelier for this new modern globe lighting it really elevates the room. It was super important to me to change the light fixtures throughout the home when we moved in. It is the first thing that makes your home look outdated. The old boob lights, simple and cheap six candle chandeliers, and basic fans.

Find Pieces From the Time- or that Look Like It!

I found a midcentury modern-style cabinet on Facebook Marketplace and felt up for a challenge. Over a painstaking several months and a LOT of trial and error, I refinished it, and it was the perfect addition to the space. I don’t think this piece was really vintage, but it looks great now and fits the room well.

Details, Details, Details

Details make your home unique! Everything from molding to fresh flowers make your space to the drawer pulls on your hardware are important to pulling your home together. My wishbone chairs, buffet, lighting, and even the decanters all pull together this midcentury modern dining room.

Clean Lines

Choose furniture that has sleek, clean lines. Good examples are our long line black table and the wishbone chairs. A combination of synthetic and organic materials will be perfect for exuding midcentury modern style. Other aspects of the design are geometric shapes and organic and bold color palette.

Don’t Forget the Bar

We love a cocktail or glass of one together so I featured the wine and whisky decanters on the buffet alongside my new Estelle Colored Glass martini glasses. Of course I fully customized the cabinet when I refinished it, but I also love how our black table ties into the rest of our black and modern furniture in our home.

Mix & Match

It’s ok to mix styles! I love midcentury modern and had a vision for my dining room, but I loved the modern style table, and my vintage mirror, and my lemon table runner is probably more farmhouse than anything. It’s rare that a person has only one style and interest, as long as you can bring them together cohesively, there is no problem with combining them!

Personalize it!

It’s YOUR home, make it feel like YOU! This room has so much of Kale and I in it. A couple of the coolest parts of this room are the super personal pieces. The mirror on the wall was a vintage piece I picked up on Facebook Marketplace. I used it as our seating chart at our wedding and it was the coolest sign. I loved the mirror so much so I thought it would be the perfect addition to our dining room. Lastly, our lemon table runner I picked up in Sorrento on our recent vacation to Italy! I likely won’t keep it our all year round, switching alternatives in for seasonal decor, but this one is great for summer!

Lean into the Features of Your Space

Our home is very builder-grade, but there are some features that add style if you lean into them. We have arched doorways, and the dining room has some molding across the center of the wall. It’s a great additional detail for the space. The more you fight against the natural style of the build, the more out of place your furniture will seem. For example, I have a really open space in my dining room so I tied the furniture choices into the rest of the home. I have a black midcentury modern dining table but also a black coffee table and console table tying the full living area together. I also worked with the molding designing around it vs trying to hide it.

Lean into Natural Wood Tones

Midcentury modern design uses natural high quality materials, so leaning into natural tones of wood is a great way to portray midcentury style in your dining spaces. Choosing wooden chairs, especially with tapered legs is a great style to pair with a clean line table.

Add Color

This is the hardest tip for me because I am a beige girl, or at least a black, white, and grey girl. But midcentury modern design includes both earthy and bold colors. We chose sage green for our dining room and I am SO happy with it! Changing the colors of our walls has done more to customize the home than adding furniture ever did. I’ll leave the blood colors to the florals and occasional decor, but count me in for earthy. If you do want to add pops of bold, alternate in Estelle Colored Glasses, wall art, candles or tablescapes.

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