My Fall Nail Color


You know when you walk into Target looking for two things and end up leaving with 20? I had one of those days last weekend. I went in with a plan, but ended up picking up a basket (my first mistake) and stopping at the dollar section (my next mistake), and it got worse as I perused the store. I didn’t think I picked up that much, but when I got in the express lane and started emptying my basket I realized I definitely had over 10 items. My apologies to the people behind me in line, that has to happen pretty often… right? Anyways a couple of my favorite purchases are featured here: first Essie nail polish in School Boy Blazer. I love dark nail polish for Fall, but I’ve never tried navy. I’m in love, I think this will stay on my nails for the whole season… or at least until I go back to target! Below you see a bit of my lovely hat as featured in this post. (Although I’m excited about them both, neither of these were the items I had planned too purchase… )

Essie and Target


Thanks for reading! xoxo Kasey

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