A Night Out Look: Micro-Pleated Top

A Night Out Look: Micropleats

These past few weeks have been so exciting and fun! I’ve had dinners, events, birthday parties, and house-warmings to plan for and attend. The trouble with all of this is I don’t know what to wear! I choose most of my clothes based on whether or not I can wear it to work, which is where I spend the majority of my time outside of my apartment. I need my clothes to have multi-uses because I hate not being able to find multiple places to wear them! This micro-pleated top was perfect for this situation, because I can wear it out, as I have it styled here, or throw it on with jeans and a jacket, for work!

I have to admit, I was on the fence about this top. I mean, it isn’t super trendy, and I don’t need another cami to go out in, but honestly the fabric sold me. This micro-pleated top was so unique I had to try it on! Plus, I have had a thing for ribbon straps for years. (Refer to every piece I designed in college.)

I go in phases with going out. Honestly, I get tired of it all and need to decompress after a while. I call myself an extroverted introvert, meaning I want to go out and see people I have serious FOMO if I don’t. However that’s mixed with a serious need for alone time after seeing a lot of people. Most of the time my week is balanced and I spend most evenings hanging out with my boyfriend or my dogs, but some weeks, like this one I have events and plans where I need to find my balance elsewhere, which is where writing comes in. We all need an outlet, what is yours?

A Night Out Look: Micro-pleated top

A Night Out Look:Micro-pleated top

A Night Out Look: Micro-pleated top

A Night Out Look: Micro-pleated top

A Night Out Look: Micropleats



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  1. Ashley Hargrove wrote:

    This look is so chic and I am in love with the detail on that top! Such a perfect look for summer!!

    Posted 7.26.17 Reply
  2. Shira wrote:

    I love that pretty top and I can see how you can totally style it a million ways!

    Posted 7.26.17 Reply
  3. Ashley wrote:

    Such a chic look! This top is gorgeous!!!

    Posted 7.26.17 Reply
  4. Nita wrote:

    Ah I love that top on you!

    Posted 7.26.17 Reply
  5. Megan wrote:

    This pleated top is perfect for date night! I love the color.

    Megan | http://www.pipmegan.com

    Posted 7.27.17 Reply
  6. Love this look! Those shoes are SO cute!

    Posted 7.27.17 Reply
  7. Liz wrote:

    You look super cute! Obsessed with those shoes!


    Posted 7.27.17 Reply
  8. miriam wrote:

    your little bag is so cute!
    this whole outfit is so perfect!

    Posted 7.27.17 Reply
  9. Steph wrote:

    Your heels are so fabulous! Love this look.

    @trendyinindy || trendyinindy.com

    Posted 7.29.17 Reply
  10. Nataly wrote:

    Micro-pleats are my new favorite! I just picked up a top with pleats and I can’t wait to wear it!

    Posted 7.30.17 Reply
  11. chloe wrote:

    This top is too cute! Love anything black- but this just adds a little something extra!

    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  12. DEFINITELY a cute, multifunctional piece!!

    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  13. Jaime wrote:

    Love this look for a Summer night out! And those heels are to die for!!!

    Posted 8.1.17 Reply
  14. Such a cute top Kasey!!

    Posted 8.3.17 Reply