This post was originally published in July 2017 and was updated in July 2019.

The most wonderful sale of the year is almost upon us!

I’ve got all of your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale info here, and the moment the sale begins, I’ll have my favorite pieces linked here! Check back periodically throughout the sale for updates on what I’ve purchased, my wish list, and favorites. I’ll update the items I purchase and remove anything that sells out regularly.

Before that, check out my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (#NSale) Survival Guide for shopping tips! Last year was my first year really shopping the sale. In the past I’ve just picked up a few pieces here and there, but last year the sale was the basis for my Fall/Winter wardrobe.

What is the Nordstom Anniversary Sale?

The sale includes Fall items for Women, Shoes, Handbags, Accessories, and Beauty, as well as Home, Men, and Children. In addition to new and on-trend items, there are usually quite a few basics on sale that I like to stock up on year after year.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale or #NSale is one of the most unique sales throughout the year because it’s technically backward. In a normal retail setting, stores put out clothing at full price and discount them as they go out of season, fail to sell, or are updated with a newer version. In the #NSale, the Fall clothing and other new items are discounted the moment they hit the floor, then prices go up later.

When is the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

The #NSale is open to the public from Friday, July 19 until Sunday, August 4. The sale items will go up to their full price beginning Monday, August 5. If you are a Nordstrom Cardholder, you are eligible to shop the sale early depending on your cardholder status. Nordstrom Cardholders who have Icon status can begin shopping on July 9. Icons and Ambassadors can shop July 10-11, and all Nordstrom Cardholders may begin shopping July 12 at 12:30pm.

Important Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Dates to Remember

July 9: Icon status pre-shop in store
July 10-11: Icon and Ambassador status pre-shop in-store
July 11: Icon and Ambassador status pre-shop online at 12:30pm
July 12-18: Early Access for Nordstrom Cardholders (get one here)
July 19: Public Access begins
August 5: Prices go up!

How to Shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?

There are so many ways to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, and I am determined to be a resource for you. You can always come back here to see my top picks, important dates, and all of my blog posts.

So, you can always come to this page for the best pieces in the sale, items to splurge, save, and grab before they sell out, bookmark the page for super easy access! The actual shopping logistics are just like any other day. You may shop online, in-store, and you can even shop online and pick-up your order in-store.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale gets crazy and every store has different inventory, so I prefer to shop online. That way you won’t miss items because someone has them in a dressing room, they have already sold out, or the girl who is your size has been walking around with it for an hour. If you want your items right away I would recommend shopping online as soon as the sale starts and picking up in-store. You can get your items the same day, but not worry about the crowds.

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How to Shop My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Posts

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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2019 Catalog

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