Nordstrom Anniversary Sale In-Store Survival Guide

This Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post was originally published in July of 2017, and updated in July 2019

I don’t know about you, but every year around this time, I start hearing all about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It’s such a special sale because the items go on sale before becoming full price! Even though it starts in July, I somehow get very excited to shop for Fall clothing once it starts! Though I’m a seasoned veteran by now, in my first few years, I really could have used before I dove into my first few Nordstrom Anniversary Sales, was a Survival Guide! 

A quick refresher: the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the biggest sale of the year for Nordstrom. They put out all new products for fall, and immediately drop the price to sale price, then after 2 weeks, they go up to the regular recommended retail price. Obviously, there are a ton of great deals and I get a lot of my “Back to School” aka Fall shopping done at this time.

2016 was my first year shopping the #NSale and boy was I unprepared! It’s such a big sale it is really easy to get overwhelmed. By the time I filled my online shopping cart I was thousands of dollars in the hole and had no need for or intention of purchasing that many items. I gave up and went in person which didn’t go so well either. I learned a lot, though, and a super efficient when shopping it now! I gathered a list of my do’s and don’ts from my experience to help you when shopping!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale In-Store Do’s

  1. Check Out my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Page

    for all of the important dates and information so you know when you are eligible to shop. 
  2. Get Familiar with the Sale Items Online First. 

    This was one of the best things I did in preparation for my shopping trip. I like to be prepared, understand what trends are going to be popular, and see what was coming out for the season in terms of colors and styles. I also wanted to make a mental list of my priorities. I had a few items that did I not want to leave without but also needed to know what I could put back on the shelf if I went over budget. Which brings me to my next DO…
  3. Set a Budget Before you Go. 

    This is a very important one. It’s easy to pick up twenty new tops because they are there for a limited time only. I don’t know how many times I told myself how much I was actually saving by buying that many items. The thought that the price goes up after the sale was really tough to get out of my head, but, I have rent to pay and dogs to feed. So, set a budget that works for you!
  4. Try Everything On. 

    I always see a bunch of pieces online that I don’t love as much when I try them on, this happens every year, so trying on is an important step when shopping the sale. If you buy online and pick up in store, you can always try them on before you leave and save yourself a trip back to the store for returns later.
  5. Use your Double Points Day.

    Pick your big shopping day and buy it all at once. Those of you in the Nordy Club can choose one day out of the year to get double points. Many people use their day during the sale because it’s when they stock up on everything for the year. Using your double points day allows you to collect Nordstrom Notes ($20 back) quicker!
  6. Things to Wear/Bring:

    Wear a real bra, a cami or tank top, socks, and something like a loose tee or button up that is easy to take on and off. Trying on clothes gets much easier when you’re prepared for it! Carrying a water or coffee and a power bar wouldn’t be a bad idea either. See below in my don’ts for why!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale In-Store Don’ts

  1. Don’t Wear Heels. 

    I went to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale after work, one year and wore my heels. In retrospect, this was a terrible idea. I literally shopped until I dropped that night. By the time I was done, my bags were so heavy and I hobbled all the way to my car! Which was so far away.
    I love J Slides for comfy slip-on shoes!
  2. Don’t Park on the Other Side of the Mall.

    AKA know the mall layout and which parking lot is closest to Nordstrom! The mall I shopped at this year was one that I was unfamiliar with. It was on my way home and made sense at the time. Anyway, it was not a great walk back to the car in my heels with my heavy bags full of sweaters, shoes, and coats, so do a little research before you go and find the close parking spots! At the Northpark store in Dallas, you can even valet your car so you don’t have to cart your items yourself!
  3. Don’t Forget your Nordstrom Card

    Oops. I definitely do this frequently when shopping at Nordstrom. This actually isn’t as bad as it sounds. Nordstrom is so great they can print you out a temporary card to use all day long! Granted, it is still easier with your actual card. No card? Don’t wait until the sale opens to the public, get one today
  4. Don’t Go Hungry. 

    As I mentioned earlier, I shopped the sale after work and I was a little under-energized and was definitely needing dinner by the end of my trip! It’s kind of like going to the grocery store hungry, you either grab everything in sight or leave frustrated. Bring a power bar or eat beforehand!
  5. Don’t Get Overwhelmed. 

    The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is supposed to be fun! If you can’t choose what to get or can’t figure out where to start, just leave for a minute, get a coffee or a pretzel, and come back with a clear head. 

    Or don’t go back at all. It’s my job to present you with options, and this is absolutely one! There is a lot of social media pressure to shop from bloggers and influencers, but it’s totally up to you. I even made a post about what NOT to buy last year and it was a hit, and I’ll be updating it this year! I think everyone needed a reminder that you aren’t missing out if you can’t or don’t want to shop.
    When I do shop, I try to shop for basics, things I can wear throughout the year, and items I can wear right away at the sale. That way the fall sweaters don’t sit in my closet for months until the Texas weather decides it’s time for Fall.
Essential tips to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in store featured by top US fashion blog, Running in Heels
Essential tips to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in store featured by top US fashion blog, Running in Heels
Essential tips to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in store featured by top US fashion blog, Running in Heels
Essential tips to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in store featured by top US fashion blog, Running in Heels
Essential tips to shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in store featured by top US fashion blog, Running in Heels
xoxo Kasey


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  1. Alice wrote:

    The NSale always has me SO ready for fall! Can you believe it’s right around the corner!?

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  4. I am sooo excited for the NSale! I really need to sit down this weekend and check for gaps in my wardrobe and also determine a budget. Such a fun task 😉 Can’t wait to see what you end up purchasing from the sale!

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  5. Great tip to set a budget before the sale even starts!

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