One for One


I love companies that partner with charities and donate proceeds for specific products. When I first heard about Toms, I fell in love with their one for one concept. I love shopping, and since I am going to do it anyways, I am thrilled when my habit can actually help someone.

The Event: This week was the Toms Warehouse Sale in Dallas. I did’t even know such a thing existed until noon on the first day. My sister is a huge Toms fan and she’s the one who told me about it. I’m always up for a sale, so I had to check it out. I went at night after work thinking they would be a little picked over, but I was so wrong. There were boxes upon boxes of shoes of every kind. I was like a kid in a candy store!


The Twist: I have never even tried a pair of Toms shoes (although I do have some bags). I like them, and the whole concept of the company, but they seemed expensive for something that I wouldn’t wear very often. The original version isn’t really my style, and apparently they feel the same way about me… they don’t fit! Don’t worry though, I managed to find several other styles that worked out just fine!


The best part about this sale was Toms still donated a pair of shoes for every one I bought. I was thrilled to see that even at a discounted rate they were still donating.

If you are in the Dallas area, definitely check the sale out this weekend! November 12-15 at Fair Park, Grand Place. 3701 Grand Ave. Dallas, TX 75210.  Hours are Thursday and Friday: 10am – 8pm and Saturday and Sunday: 9am – 7pm.


xoxo Kasey

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