An Open Letter To My Best Friend

Flower Friday

Dearest BFF,

It has been 16 years since we met and immediately became best friends. Separated most of the time, but always made up for it together. Different high schools, different colleges, and now different states. We’ve spent so much time apart, but somehow I think that kept us together. We never waste the time we have together and never take it for granted.

It’s amazing though, we grew up but not apart. We’re so different but completely understand each other. The kind of understanding that comes from four-hour phone conversations and never holding back. It comes from knowing each other for so long and sharing the important things, like s’more dip, purses, and notebooks. We’ve bonded over our crazy pets, reminisced over lost dance days, and our mutual obsession with Disney, but it’s not our similarities that keep us together. We have many differences and opinions, but always reserve judgment. I can totally be myself with you and you seem to always understand how I’m feeling.

You see, these flowers you sent, made me cry. It was just the perfect moment and perfect timing. They said congrats on your race, but meant so much more than that. Just when I needed a sign, a pick-me-up, and something to smile about, you were there. Just like you always are, and just like you always will be. I hope you know, that I am here for you too.

Love you to pieces,

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