Parachute Bedding Review: the Perfect Way to Refresh your Master Bedroom this Spring

Parachute Bedding Review featured by top Dallas lifestyle blog, Running in Heels

There’s probably nothing more satisfying than getting into bed at night with clean crisp duvet and a comfy, fluffy comforter. Kale and I differ in this opinion, where he would prefer to sleep on top of a sheet, I love to snuggle under a fluffy down comforter and crisp lightweight bedding.

I had been eyeing Parachute Bedding for quite a while. It is absolutely my style with solid colors, neutrals, and minimal prints. They have several different materials and everything from duvets to robes.

We’ve had out our bedding since November, so I think we’ve broken it in well enough for this Parachute bedding review! Spoiler alert: I love it. I never want to leave my bed!

Parachute Bedding Review

I have been more than happy with my Parachute bedding. It is light, comfortable, easy to clean, and durable. While a bit higher price point, by my age, my bed is something I need to invest in. For the amount of time you spend there, don’t skimp on your bed or bedding.

I did a lot of research and comparison before purchasing, but Percale ended up being the best for us. Our old duvet cover was super fine linen, and we loved it until it ripped. We needed something more durable, able to be pulled up and down all night long, and able to withstand the dogs.

Percale vs. Sateen vs. Linen

Sateen has a one under three over weave which gives it the silky sheen. When compared to Sateen, Percale is much lighter. Its matte finish is due to the one under, one over the weave. Linen, as linen does, will wrinkle more than both of the others, but is known to be light and durable.

Percale Duvet Cover Set

We ended up buying the Percale Duvet Cover Set with a duvet cover and two shams. It is made with Egyptian cotton and as described on the website: “Recommended if you get hot at night. Percale is lightweight, breathable and cool to the touch.” Let’s be honest it gets super hot in Texas, so it’s always hot at night in the summer!

The Duvet Sets come with the duvet and two shams. There are five color options, we chose Slate, a dark grey color. Parachute has quite a few sets of bedding combinations, everything from selling each piece separately to inserts with the duvet covers and shams, plus a sheet set!

Where to Shop for Parachute Bedding

I love that there is a store in Dallas where we can shop for Parachute bedding. I’m really big on feeling fabric and knowing what it will feel like, so I went to the store several times before I decided. The little store sits in the Knox-Henderson village. If you aren’t in Dallas, of course, you can check out their store locator, or shop online.

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