Parachute Bedding Review

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There is nothing more satisfying than getting into bed at night with a clean, crisp duvet over a cozy, fluffy comforter. I love to snuggle under a fluffy down comforter and quality bedding makes all the difference. Breathable fabrics are so important for a good night’s rest, and keeping cool, and Parachute has a ton of amazing high-quality bedding and home items.

I had been eyeing Parachute Bedding for quite a while before pulling the trigger. Quality bedding is certainly an investment, so I had to save up before buying my first duvet cover. I was blown away when I went into the Parachute store and started to see and feel the quality for myself. From then on, I was determined to upgrade our bedding. I’ve tried several different brands and styles of luxury bedding, but I’m dedicating this post to sharing my honest review about Parachute bedding. Spoiler alert: I love it. I never want to leave my bed!

Parachute Bedding Review

I have been more than happy with my Parachute bedding for years now. We have duvets in our primary bedroom and guest bedroom, and now we even have a winter duvet and summer linen quilt and sheets! We have loved how each item is light, comfortable, easy to clean, and durable. While a bit higher price point, your bed is something to invest in. Don’t skimp on your bed or bedding for the amount of time you spend there.

I did a lot of research and comparison before purchasing, but Percale was the best choice of fabric for us. Our last duvet, Serena and Lily bedding, was super fine linen, and we loved it until it ripped. We needed something more durable. Our bedding is pulled up and down all night long and needs to withstand the dogs, though we try not to let them on the bed anymore.

Parachute has calming colors and It is absolutely my style with solid colors, neutrals, and minimal prints. They have tons of different materials and everything from duvets and mattresses to bath towels and robes. You can shop them directly in-store or on their website, but carried also by Nordstrom and occasionally Nordstrom Rack where you can grab seasonal items for a great deal!

What is Parachute Bedding?

Parachute launched in 2014 in Venice California by Ariel Kaye. She worked in advertising and brand development and saw an opportunity in the market for her direct-to-consumer bedding brand.

The brand focus is quality first, made by expert craftspeople and manufacturers. Made using the finest materials, they believe that details make a difference in function and aesthetics. THey also take a strong stance towards sustainability including offers of “GOTs-certified Oeko-Tex-certified and timeliness durable essentials.” They are taking steps to address climate change and became Climate Neutral Certified and introduced circular programs.

Bedding Fabrics: Percale, Sateen, Linen

Different fabrics have different weaves which make them more or less breathable, heavier, lighter, and make them look different. Sateen has a one under three over weave- literally one thread under three threads- which gives it the silky sheen. When compared to Sateen, Percale is much lighter. Its matte finish is due to the one under, one over the weave. Linen, as linen does, will wrinkle more than both of the others, but is known to be light and durable.

Percale Duvet Cover Set

We ended up buying the Percale Duvet Cover Set with a duvet cover and two shams. It is made with Egyptian cotton and as described on the website: “Recommended if you get hot at night. Percale is lightweight, breathable and cool to the touch.” It gets super hot in Texas, so breathable and cool bedding is imperative. It’s always hot at night in the summer!

The Duvet Sets come with the duvet and two shams. There are tons of color options that rotate through seasons, we chose Slate, a dark grey color on our queen-size bed when we were in our apartment and then moved that one to our guest room when we bought our house. Then, since we loved it so much, we picked out the sand color for our kind-sized bed in our primary bedroom when we moved. Parachute has quite a few sets of bedding combinations, everything from selling each piece separately to inserts with the duvet covers and shams, plus a sheet set!

Linen Quilt

After fighting it for quite some time, I gave in and got Parachute’s linen quilt for this summer. I am not against quilts per se, it’s just that I love the weight of the comforters almost like a weighted blanket, they help me sleep. I struggled the first few nights but became used to the lighter weight as time went on. The quilt is so good though, and it was so necessary with this incredible heat we’ve experienced lately.

The linen quilt is a part of their tex standard 100 certified, or Oeko-Tex Certified Collection, so they are free of 100 substances that are proven harmful to humans and the environment.

There are tons of garment-washed colors, all in the classic Parachute neutrals. We bought the slate color, but I do wish we had chosen a lighter colorway. I didn’t get the matching shams yet, but they are on my list. Paired with the percale sheet set, I think this is the best summer bedding combo!

linen quilt, and percale sheets

Best Parachute Sheets

Parachute notes that between 200 and 600 is a good thread count for sheets, and that higher isn’t always better. You also have to take into account material, fiber content, and finish. You can purchase any size from full up to a California king, and all sets come with or without a flat sheet.

Best Parachute Sheets for Hot Sleepers

Percale Sheets

We own the percale sheets set with our percale duvet cover set, we love how cool, lightweight, and crisp they are. They are great because we both get hot at night and are made for hot sleepers. We were also able to get the same color, sand, as our duvet which I love for the coordination!

Brushed Cotton Sheets

100% garment washed for a soft feel, these sheets feel like your favorite tee enveloping you as you sleep.

Linen Sheets

Parachute has amazingly soft linen. Made from the softest linen you’ll ever touch, these garment-washed sheets are “crafted in Portugal from the finest European flax.”

Best Parachute Sheets for Cool Sleepers

Sateen Sheets

These sateen sheets are super soft and luxurious made from 100% premium long-staple Egyptian cotton. They have a slight sheen giving them a luxe expensive look and feel.

Organic Soft Luxe Sheets

Said to be cozy, sophisticated, and fresh for cool sleepers. This is Parachute’s take on hotel bedding made from 100% organic cotton.

Brushed Cotton Sheets

These sheets are buttery soft, and who doesn’t love that getting into bed? They tout a cozy, lived-in feel for cool sleepers to keep warm. These would be amazing for cozy girl fall!

Are Parachute Sheets Worth It?

Absolutely. Our parachute sheets are the only ones I want to sleep on since we bought them. They are soft, and cool, and make for a super comfortable bed. The percale sheets are crisp and lightweight and keep us cozy all night. I also just love how they perfectly match the rest of our bedding! I plan to purchase more, so in my opinion, they are absolutely worth it!

Where to Shop for Parachute Bedding

There used to be a store in Dallas to shop for Parachute bedding, you can find an updated list of stores here. I’m really big on feeling fabric and knowing what it will feel like, so I went to the store several times before I decided. Some department stores like Nordstrom also carry Parachute, so you can call or go in person to see if they have some in stock in your local store. You can always check out their store locator, or shop online.

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