Pink Christmas Aesthetic

Bookshelf styling for Christmas with a pink Christmas aesthetic

I am already decorated for Christmas and it makes me so happy! Adding small tree decor, stuffed animals, and reindeer helps make it feel like the holiday season, but I also like my holiday decor to fit my usual style instead of looking like Santa threw up all over my house. For my office, this ends up being a girly pink Christmas aesthetic. Throughout this post, I’ll share my ideas around pink Christmas decor and styling it to fit your home!

When decorating your home for the holidays I highly recommend choosing a color scheme. For most of my home, I chose a neutral holiday decor color palette, but for my office, I wanted to be more whimsical. I chose fun pink Christmas decor.

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Pink Aesthetic Christmas Decor

15 Pink Christmas Aesthetic Ideas

Let Your Personality Shine!

I was so excited to write this post because my office is very ‘me’ I put all of my personality into that room because I spend so much time in there. I love my whole house which is also my style, but my office is the one room I don’t have to think about anyone else, how they will use it, if they will like it, etc. My office is purely me and exactly what I want.

I do the same thing with my Christmas decor in my office. I grab anything pink that speaks to me and fits my vibe! It has all come together so nicely, I love it!

Blend With Your Decor, Don’t Replace Everything

I try my best not to just pile Christmas decorations on top of everything else, I already have in my office, so when I can, I swap a regular staple for Christmas. On my bookshelves, there was little room to add, but I still wanted to keep most of my styling to keep the general vibe of the room. I did my best to blend my holiday decor into my pink Christmas aesthetic.

Shelf Styling

When styling a bookshelf, it’s aesthetically pleasing to alternate two items to one and back again. Layering with books is another way to add dimension to your shelves. Finally, grouping items in odd numbers will help balance your pink Christmas aesthetic! Style your shelves with a mix of holiday and non-holiday items, personally, I couldn’t get rid of my books!

Bottle Brush Tree Forest from Hot Pink to Light Pink

If you saw the post with my neutral holiday decor, you know I love my bottle brush trees. I found these large pink ones years ago and just kept adding them to my collection! Last year, I found my rainbow trees, which are the perfect addition to my collection! These are similar rainbow trees, and even though they don’t have pink in them, they still fit with the pink vibe.

Add Sparkle

I am always a fan of sparkle! There is sparkle all around my office in subtle ways. It’s in the star of the pom pom tree, in the bottle brush trees, and very present in the Nutcracker.

Bottle Brush Tree forest deco in a girly pink aesthetic office

Reindeer Decor

What is better to add to a tree forest than reindeer? I have several different types throughout my office, and I think the different types add dimension and style. The flocked reindeer and little stuffed guys with stick legs are all from the Target dollar spot

A Fun Focal Point: Pom Pom Tree

I found this pom pom tree a few years ago and thought it was just so much fun. I think my dogs would also think so, so I have to keep it out of their reach. I love this as my focal point because it’s big, bright, and fun.

Pom pom Christmas tree and reindeer decor in pink office for Christmas

When in Doubt, Put up a Christmas Tree

Since we moved into our house and needed a larger main tree, I kept our 6ft tree and put it in my office. This was a cheap tree I got for about $40 when I was living alone in my apartment, and we’ve kept it through many moves. It is pretty sparse, so we got extra branch garland to fill in some gaps which helps a lot. You could certainly get a pink or white tree, but I do love a natural, traditional green!

Pink Aesthetic Ornaments

I decorate the tree with tons of sentimental Christmas ornaments from my childhood. Many are Barbie, ballet, and girly, and then I fill in with pink bulbs and these velvet ornaments that match my new stocking, trees, and stuffed reindeer! If you don’t have many sentimental items, you can always start your own traditions or pick up some ornaments in varying shades of pink!

Pink Tree Topper

My tree topper is another sentimental item. My Grandma got me this pink dove and I used it as a tree topper on my tiny tree that I used to keep in my bedroom each year growing up. I now put it at the top of this tree in my office because love it so much and its a reminder of my family and childhood.

Pink aesthetic girl christmas tree

Keep Your Sentimental Items

I see so many homes online that don’t have any personality or sentimental items. Now, mine could look like that to you, too, but I do keep a lot of my decorations from childhood, I take items from my grandparents and incorporate them into my decor and styling. In my office I have my Nutcrackers from growing up, the red one was one of my firsts and certainly my favorite, and even with his missing beard, I still put him out! Some decor like my little stuffed reindeer I put by the pom pom tree, and bears which my dad gets me every year (yes, I have 31 of them)!

Stuffed Animals

I have always loved stuffed animals, and have grown a strong attachment to them. I was never a baby doll child, but loved anything squishy and stuffed. I don’t buy them for m myself often, but I saw this purple reindeer that matched some of the other items I was buying, and Target really got me with that one! I think it’s such a cute addition to my chair and really stands out against the white.

I mentioned my bears earlier which hold a sentimental value for me. My dad gets one for me, my mom, and my sister each year. They are so sentimental and I love seeing what new one we all get each year! I don’t keep them all out all the time but rotate them based on the season.

Not Everything Has To Be Pink

It’s important to know that even if you’re going for a pink Christmas aesthetic, not everything has to be pink. Balance it out with coordinating color decor such as the rainbow trees, navy blue reindeer, and purple stuffed animals. I also chose to add some red from my bears and Nutcrackers.

Keep it Cozy with Blankets and Throws

I am always cold, so always I need blankets within reach! I made it my mission when we moved into this house to make as many cozy corners as possible, and I just love how this one turned out in my office! When recreating this look, choose a complimentary colored blanket. In my case my sister made this throw last year and gifted it to me for Christmas. It was perfect for my office and it is so cozy! Of course you won’t find this exact throw, but I did link a few large knit blankets below!

Cozy corner with blanket and purple reindeer plush

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