Quick and Easy Messy Bun For Medium Hair: a Step by Step Tutorial

Quick and Easy Messy Bun For Medium Hair: a Step by Step Tutorial featured by top Dallas life and style blog, Running in Heels

If you follow me on Instagram, you are probably used to seeing me in full glam on my feed. When you head to stories, especially lately with the stay-at-home order due to COVID-19, I’m likely sporting a messy bun!

I love my messy buns because they are simple, chic, and look great. I made this post a while ago sharing how to make a messy bun with fine hair, but at the time, my hair was super long, so I wanted to share an update with this post for those of you with shorter hair!

I created this post to share how I used to create a messy bun with my fine hair when it was long. Since cutting my hair, I had to come up with another way of styling my messy bun since my hair wasn’t as long anymore! I hope this helps all of you with medium length hair creat your perfect messy buns!

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Easy Messy Bun for Medium Hair

Messy Bun Tutorial Step 1: Add Product for Grip

Make sure your hair is dirty, or gritty. I have fine hair, so I need to use dry shampoo or texture spray to make sure my

Messy Bun Step 2: Pull All of Your Hair on Top of Your Head

Pull all of your hair up to the crown of your head as if you are creating a ponytail. Hold in your hand placing a finger in the middle of your head.

Messy Bun Tutorial Step 3: Wrap The Bun

Wrap your hair halfway around your finger like you’re styling a bun. Then once you get to the opposite side of your head, split the hair and continue to wrap one part to the first side leaving the ends out on both sides.

Messy Bun Tutorial Step 4: Secure With a Hairtie

Next secure your bun with a hair tie. I love the skinny silk scrunchies. Wrap hair tie around bun, still leaving the ends out until secure.

Messy Bun Tutorial Step 5: Secure

Add pins where you want to pin pieces down pieces and throughout the bun for security. regular hair-colored bobby pins are perfect for this! Finally, grab your favorite hairspray and spray your bun to hold everything in place. I love this Moroccan Oil hairspray.

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