Motivation Monday: Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon Review

Finisher of the Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon!

Hi Everyone! I’m back with another Monday Fitness post for #motivationmonday! Yesterday, I finished my third half marathon, the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon, which is crazy. Two years ago if you asked me if I would be a marathon (or half marathon) runner now, I would have laughed. In college I ran for exercise, I never even completed a 5k, and in high school you couldn’t pay me to run. It’s still funny when people ask if I’m a runner I still pause in question. It’s true, though, I am a runner, and I have one person to thank; myself. I made a commitment about 18 months ago to run my first half marathon and  I think a monster was born!

This weekend I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon in Dallas. I keep telling people I accidentally signed up for this race. I was high on endorphins and excitement right before the Dallas Marathon and didn’t realize how quickly the time would go by until it was time for my next race. Although it wasn’t my best race, I’m still happy I ran it. Not many people run 13.1 miles for fun in the freezing cold for a free banana! (I saw a sign that said that during the race and I thought it was funny!) It was a great experience, there were some great local bands along the course and I did get my free banana! It was freezing, but at the end the sun finally came out. The course was unexpectedly hilly, we even ran up the off-ramp and crossed the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and the Houston Bridge which were both really cool, but very windy.

I think I’ll hold off on signing up for any more races for the time being, but I’m thinking my next one I want to travel for. I’ve run a few major races in my city, so it’s time to see someplace new! I really want to make sure I’ll be ready for that one, so planning and timing will be key, no more accidental races!

Have you run any cool races or cities that you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

OOTD Race Day | Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon

Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon Finisher!

Rock 'n' Roll Dallas Half Marathon Medal

Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon

xoxo Kasey

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