Run It For The Jewelry


I started the Run Dallas Race Series all the way back when I signed up for the Dallas Marathon. It was comprised of three 5ks put on by Dallas sports teams, ending with the Dallas Marathon. Because, why just do a marathon? Plus I’m always up for another piece of jewelry, upon completion of the final race at the Dallas Marathon, you received a special medal. Of course I wanted a special medal!

The first 5k in this series, the FC Footy 5k, was actually my first 5k ever. I started running in college to keep in shape, and then decided to do a half marathon last year with a friend, but I had never actually raced a 5k. In fact I didn’t know how to race a 5k. I wouldn’t actually call it racing. I just ran. And then I ran the Rangers 5k and then the Mavs 5k, and finally the Dallas Marathon.

There really is something to getting a medal for an accomplishment, it’s a goal completed, and you have something to show for it. I think that’s why I like races, and keep going farther and challenging myself to do new things. I never did like monotony and I get bored easily. So, what’s life without a race to train for or a goal to complete.

My first marathon was certainly not just something to cross off my bucket list, and I plan to go faster and maybe even farther… an Ultra? Triathlon? Ironman? Who knows? For now I’m taking the rest of December off, but will be back training for my next race-the Rock and Roll half Marathon in March! Stay tuned!



mavs 5k

Dallas Marathon2

xoxo Kasey

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  1. Um how did I miss this?? That medal is badass! Great work.

    Posted 12.28.15 Reply
    • Thanks so much @thedancingrunner! It was really fun to complete each of the races!

      Posted 12.28.15 Reply
  2. I remember my first 5k ever, I felt so great after I finished! Awesome post 🙂


    Posted 12.28.15 Reply