Booking Inquiries:

Bloggers constantly need content, which typically means photos for Instagram, their blog posts, and other social media. Running in Heels Photography was created to help bloggers in Dallas find affordable professional quality photos.

I’m your photographer, Kasey Goedeker. My interest in photography began years ago. I received my first camera at age 13 and my love of photography grew from there.

In addition to photography, I’m also a Dallas fashion blogger, and I’ve absolutely loved getting to know and shoot with some of the amazing photographers here in Dallas. I truly value the work of these professionals, but I found that it wasn’t financially feasible as a growing influencer who needs constant new content to continually hire (self-categorized) wedding photographers for my shoots.

Being a blogger myself, I understand the needs of influencers and consistent content creation and want to offer an affordable solution to professional photography.

For all booking inquiries, please email