Running: Workout Wednesday

Do you ever just get the urge to go on a long run? Ever since the marathon I have been expanding my horizons and adding new workouts to my repertoire. However, in my break from running, I found that I missed it. I enjoy the journey and the time to think, away from my computer and text messages. Everything is on pause while I am running and I can reset my self. Don’t get me wrong, there is something amazing about a 20 minute circuit that leaves you sore for the next few days, but running is good for my mind, body, and soul. I know its cheesy, but it’s a huge stress reliever for me, and even when I think I don’t have time, or it’s too hot, I ALWAYS feel better afterwards. So, in my efforts to be fit, and keep control in my crazy life, I am working running back into my weekly schedule.

My gear today is Lorna Jane which I got at the warehouse sale a month or so ago. I loved the bright colors, but most of all I found that I could work fashion into my workouts, which makes everything more fun! Since I got these pieces at the warehouse sale, they are no longer available in store, but I linked some similar items that I love from Lorna Jane. I was happily impressed with my new pieces and I really love them! I run in Mizunos, I really recommend heading to a running store to have them properly fit you before training for anything, but if you want to try out my shoes and my marathon shoes, they are linked here and below!


Lorna Jane





xoxo Kasey

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