I Wear Short Shorts

So far, I haven’t actually worn shorts at all this summer. I know it’s crazy, but I can’t wear them to work, and I work everyday, so there aren’t many opportunities for me. However I’ll probably be wearing them this weekend for the fourth because I finally have a free weekend! I used to think ‘the shorter the better’ with my shorts in the summer, but as I get into adulthood, I want to be a bit more appropriate and able to wear them to the mall or walk around town or to meet friends and always feel comfortable. These shorts are perfect because they are that perfect in between length and style, where they aren’t too tight or too short, and they don’t make me feel like I’m wearing my mom’s pants. The best part about these is they come in a variety of lengths! I’m wearing the 2 in inseam. It’s one of the great features of J.Crew shorts for the summer, so while I’m sure you’ve been out and about more than I have been in the sun, here are great new options to add to your wardrobe mid-summer!

Onto this long sleeve linen top. In Ohio I always had sweaters and sweatshirts ready for cool summer nights. However, they aren’t really needed here in Texas for warmth but I do like the lightweight linen tops because it covers my arms from mosquito bites. I get bit all the time, its like they swarm to me! Sleeves help deter them and make me feel tons better. Shop all of my pieces, linked below!

short shorts

short shorts  short shorts


short shorts
short shorts

xoxo Kasey


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