20 Sideboards and Buffets Under $500

Midcentury modern sideboard under $500

When you move, decide to upgrade, or change your look, you realize quickly that furniture is expensive. Once we moved from our apartment to our house, I realized we needed tons more furniture and it’s taken some time to find it all at reasonable prices. I had been looking for a sideboard or a buffet for my living room for ages and realized just how expensive they can get. When I found good options at reasonable prices, so I’m sharing my favorite sideboards and buffets under $500 here.

Furniture is an investment. It helps define your space both physically and stylistically and can be there for fashion or function, but most likely both. With sideboards and buffets, you need to think about what you’ll use it for, how much weight it will need to hold, and what the final function will be. Will it double as a china cabinet or dry bar? Could it hold games and extra blankets? Is it there to mostly fill the space or be a sturdy storage piece?

Buffet vs. Sideboard

A buffet is usually used in the dining room to help with serving food during mealtimes and storing unused dishes and cookware. It’s generally counter height and can make serving a full table easier so that food is nearby but not crowding the table. I would love to put one in place of our bar cart in our dining room at some point, but we chose to start in the living room with our sideboard instead.

A sideboard is another freestanding cabinet structure usually lower to the ground and made for various locations in the home. It is also more generally a midcentury modern style and design. While both decorative cabinet-like structures, with storage doors or drawers, buffets tend to be placed in the dining room and are usually larger than sideboards, though the terms nowadays are often used interchangeably.

For my sideboard, I needed something to fill the space and have a minor storage function. We put our games and old DVDs inside, and it holds some cords for charging phones and laptops when we don’t want to leave the couch. I wanted it to be sturdy and look nice. Ideally real wood vs corkboard, and have a midcentury transitional style. I was so happy to find a few great options for sidebarods and buffets that don’t break the bank as I was looking, keep reading to see my favorite sideboards and buffets under $500!

20 Sideboards and Buffets Under $500

Unique Sideboards and Buffets

Oswestry 60” Sideboard

This unique design looks like it has sunburst in varying shades but the doors are actually a white accordion texture with a gold handle in the center. It is certainly a unique sideboard with four hinge doors costing just under $450.

Allmeria 58″ Wide Storage Sideboard with Tapered Solid Wood Legs

This sideboard is a really original style with hinge doors that look more like square drawers with pulls in the middle. It comes in two colors, white and oatmeal which looks closer to a gray wood-look. It is under $460 and 35in tall.

Narrow Sideboards and Buffets

Potchen 48.7” Sideboard

Only 15.5in in depth, this narrow sideboard comes in three colors: white, black, and green. It sits close to the wall and has a gold hexagonal geometric design. This sideboard is under $290 and can be used to store extra items in the home like additional candels, decor, or small games and blankets.

Harbuck 42” Sideboard

This black sideboard with sliding doors and open shelving is super slim at 13″ in depth. it will sit nicely against the wall and not take up too much space. You can choose your design and where you want the doors to sit. It’s also under $200!

Antique Sideboards and Buffets

You will be hard-pressed to find real antique furniture under $500 on a website. Antique furniture is typically known for its craftsmanship and quality. Typically made with solid wood and real brass, you just won’t find that quality for the price on new products. You may be able to find something on Facebook Marketplace if you look hard enough though! Otherwise, I have found a few antique-looking options below.

Harriston Walnut Solid Wood Glass Door Buffet

This sideboard has a very traditional look from the color of the wood to the molding. The shape of the feet adds to the antique look as well as the brass knobs. This buffet would be a beautiful way to store dishes or glassware. This buffet will come right up to the budget, around $480.

Veloz 59” Sideboard

This sideboard has an older look from the deep colors and the door pulls. The molding on this one and the shape of the base also add to the traditional look. This is a great option for storage due to its size and enclosed doors. It would also be great to add stockings or garland to for Christmas if you have a more traditional Christmas style. If you have a smaller space check out my post: Christmas decorating for small apartments. This sideboard is just under $500 at $499.99.

Modern Sideboards and Buffets

Sometimes modern and contemporary are used interchangeably when referring to different styles. While modern is rooted in the early to mid-1900s. Then followed by mid-century modern established in the 50’s 60’s. While contemporary style often refers to the current and ‘now’ trending styles of today.

YITAHOME Storage Cabinet

This is a super cool looking Art Deco style cabinet with a white painted finish and carved design in the wood. This could go in an entryway or living room, but with the backsplash, I think it would perform best as a liquor or coffee bar. For only $160 you can grab this cabinet and add a really unique piece to your home.

Walker Edison Modern Scandinavian Fluted Door Kitchen Storage Sideboard Buffet Cabinet Console

I hate to show too much favoritism, but this sideboard is my absolute favorite that I’ve found, and the one we recently purchased for our home. We have had this Scandinavian-style modern sideboard for around six months and absolutely love it. The cabinet not only completed our living room but allowed us some storage space to finally unpack our last moving box… two years later. We keep our games, old DVDs, charging cords, and some decor not in use inside. I can’t say enough good things about this sideboard, it was everything I was looking for and the perfect style for our space. This sideboard buffet is under $500, around $325. You can see it here in my mid-century modern living room and here holding some neutral holiday decor.

Contemporary Sideboards and Buffets

Attenweiler 63” Sideboard

Contemporary style, while always changing, today seems to be somewhat minimalistic and heavily rooted in style and design almost at the expense of function. Luckily this sideboard has both style and function. It is a black or white smooth finish rooted in modern design. This sideboard is unique from many others you will find since it has a pedestal base rather than legs. There are three cabinet doors with an embossed motif on the front in an interlocking V shape. This sideboard is currently on sale for about $430.

Walker Edison Contemporary Detailed 3-Door Sideboard, 55 Inch, Ivory Oak

Another super sleek design finished in an ivory oak color made with engineered wood only about $284. This sideboard has thick legs that make the sides of the cabinet look as if it goes down to the floor with the front being more open on the bottom. This design has modern vertical wood detailing on its three doors. This is a really distinctive piece and can stand out in a great way, but I do want to caution you to look at the other wood in your home because ivory oak can be difficult to match.

Farmhouse Sideboards and Buffets

Zachais 55″W Wood Storage Sideboard with 4 Doors

A key feature of the farmhouse style is the classic X in the furniture. Oftentimes styled in painted wood and then paired with black hardware. This sideboard has four doors, and three different colors: painted white, dark wood looking very weathered and barn-like, and a natural wood color.

SinCiDo Farmhouse Sideboard Buffet Cabinet

Something about a white-painted cabinet with a wooden countertop screams quintessential farmhouse to me. I love this beautiful cabinet for a farmhouse look. There is tons of storage with two full-height cabinet doors, two drawers, and two smaller cabinet doors below the drawers. You have tons of space for storage with this buffet. I can’t believe the price is only $260 for such a large and solid-looking piece!

Rustic Sideboards and Buffets

Alaynia 59.06” Sideboard

Often confused with a farmhouse style, rustic style is a distressed wood, a more natural and harsher-looking style. This sideboard combines the two with the classic farmhouse Xs and the rustic, distressed wood to make up the sideboard. Complete with black hardware these doors look like you could find them right on the side of a barn!

OKD Farmhouse Buffet Cabinet

This distressed wood, rustic bar-style buffet is a really neat piece to complete a bar area or dining room. It has tons of storage with three large drawers, two sliding barn doors, a wine rack, and a space for hanging stemwear. For under $330, this is a steal. Note this buffet is a bit heavier than others I’ve seen at 132lbs. It has fantastic reviews and most claim assembly is simple.

Glam Sideboards and Buffets

Alfieri 63” Sideboard

In searching I found a ton of sideboards and buffets with unique geometric shapes on top of mirrors for the front of the doors. I love how pretty and glam these look to complete a stylish home. This style is more. of an Art-Deco chic but can fit really well into a glam home too with some gold accents.

Modern Sideboard, Buffet Cabinet with Metal handles & Legs-ModernLuxe

This sideboard is a mix of modern and glam. It comes in white and black. The smooth finish and gold hardware really enhance the glam part of the look while the wavy texture and geometric lines lean heavier into the modern style. As this is a buffet, it sits higher on the legs than a sideboard would but has solid weight capacity and great storage options.

Painted Sideboards and Buffets

SIGNWIN Sideboard Buffet Cabinet

Depending on what you mean when you say ‘pained’ this cabinet can be a really cool option. There are tons of artistic, quirky, and eccentric designs, though I can confirm they are printed on rather than really painted. For only $300 you can find this hairpin leg cabinet in over 45 designs.

ARTPOWER Sideboard Buffet Cabinet with 4 Rattan Doors

Rattan has been super prevalent in the last couple of years, and this sideboard with oval rattan panels in the doors is really special. In most of my research rattan is paired with a similar colored wood, or painted to match the wood around it, but in this case, the wood is painted a beautiful teal while the ratan stays natural. Costing around $270, this sideboard has four doors and plenty fo starge for anywhere in your home.

Tall Sideboards and Buffets

Modern Sideboard, Buffet Cabinet with Metal handles & Legs and Adjustable Shelves-ModernLuxe

An average sideboard or buffet sits around 30-31in tall. This modern option reaches over 36in in height. The style is similar to that of the ModernLuxe one from the same line above. With a similar smooth finish gold hardware, and a wavy front design, this modern stylish sideboard is great where you want a taller option. This buffet also comes in black and white and is currently on sale for under $300.

Dorfman 47.2″ Wide 3 Drawer Sideboard

Sitting just under 36in high at 35.3in, this sideboard has a cool look with the textured oval glass panels in the doors. The gold hardware gives it a glam look but could fit into many different styles. The reviewers say it does take a while to build but it appears to be worth the effort for such a unique and stylish piece. At just under $255 this buffet would be great in a dining room for storing glassswear, and dishes, or I would even use it as a dry bar. Note with glass on the doors you are a bit more limited as to what you can store inside since you will want to keep a cleaner look I would recommend glassware or solid-colored dishes.

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