Spring Fireplace Decor Ideas

spring fireplace mantle, floral garland

I love decorating my fireplace mantle for different seasons. While I go all-out for Christmas, I keep it a bit more minimal and simple at other times of the year. I don’t do big displays, but I like to change up the styling every so often. Swapping home decor seasonally is a great way to refresh a space and not get bored of your decor. It’s a fun way to showcase your creativity and personality. I find decorating my living room mantle to be one of the most significant ways to alter a space because it is such a focal point, not only of the room but of our main living space. I also love decorating the mantle in my office. It’s so different because it’s only a 2-in ledge, so eventually I’ll focus on art above the fireplace.

I don’t shop for new decor often, I like what I have and feel like I have enough to switch things around from room to room to change up the styling. My decor vision uses what I have to refresh spaces throughout the seasons. Of course, I’ll link items below for you to shop, but I hope you take away from this inspiration to grab the decor you have designated in your bedroom and try it in a new space. It really makes a difference and gives new life to your spaces. Keep reading to see different inspirations with mantle decorating ideas for spring fireplace decor.

10 Spring Fireplace Decor Ideas


To be honest, this is the usual state of my mantle. I love the gold candlesticks against the grey wood, and the mirror is a classy way to reflect light and mirror the other arches in our home. This is not just a simple spring mantle, it’s perfect for any time of year!

spring fireplace mantle, minimal decor

Spring Faux Florals

I grabbed these floral stems and cherry blossom stems at Michaels for my living room and originally had them placed differently. This was a fun way to add spring colors to the mantle updating it for seasonal decor.

spring fireplace mantle, faux florals

Living Mantle

I love adding plants to my decor around the house! This long pothos is awesome because it adds dimension from an unexpected angle. Instead of going up, it hangs down. To balance, I added the Dracaena Maeginata below.

spring fireplace mantle, live plants

Whimsical & Fun

I know I do not have a ton of whimsical decor, also these fun candle holders and NYC print are whimsical in my black and white home. I got this NYC Chrysler print while I was in New York last winter at the Bryant Park Christmas Market. I added my knot figurine for some dimension and on the other side of the mirror added my pink and yellow candle holders. I would usually add the same color candles but already had these in place! I also love these, linked below!


Home should be a serene place to enjoy peace. I added some soothing colors and candles to the mantle to evoke that feeling. I got this print ages ago and don’t have a great place for it, so I love that I would a fun way to incorporate it into my mantle decor!

calming decor inspo

Fashion Focus

I love fashion and have incorporated it into a lot of my decor. I have this Andy Warhol print that I got at the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA. My mom sent these mini books to me as a gift and I love them in this setup! At first, I added them flat and stacked decor on top, but I love them upright bookended by the dried flowers instead. This is one of my favorite spring mantle decor ideas!


It should be no surprise that I love gold accents in my decor. In addition to my gold candlesticks, I added my vase of dried flowers, knot figurine, and ledge elephant. My elephant is one of my favorite unique pieces of decor. I usually keep it on a stack of books in my office, but love it here in the living room!

Floral Garland

I had no idea I would love these stems as garland and didn’t even think of it until looking for fun new ways to style it. I’m obsessed! This added a great way to add color and style to your home.

Florals For Spring

It’s peony season! I stopped by Trader Joe’s this morning and grabbed some peony stems. I love having fresh flowers in the house and could think of a million places to put them. Maybe one day I’ll have fresh flowers everywhere all the time a la Emily Gilmore. For now, I’ll stick with moving my vase here and there, including my mantle! This is a pretty way to refresh often, or every time you bring home new flowers.

I also have dried flowers in my home, many dried from my wedding flowers. I have some in a pitcher on my console in the hallway, which would be great for a mantle too! Grab a black or white pitcher and add flowers for a unique way to display them, fresh, faux, or dried!

spring fireplace mantle, fresh flowers

Ledge Decor

In my office, the fireplace surround is thin and narrow. It’s only 2in wide, so there is not much room for decor. In this instance, I added my little ledge elephant and dried flowers for a minimal style. The elephant hangs off a bit, but as long as most of it is on the ledge, it will stay!

spring fireplace mantle, 2-in ledge decor

Pampas Grass Garland

Not too long ago millennials were harvesting pampas grass on the side of the road! I’ve had this fake pampas for years and it’s great quality. It’s a fun addition to this small mantle, but I think for this particular fireplace I would go with a different color.

pampas grass

How To Decorate A Fireplace Mantel For Spring

Add Color

Color is one of the best ways to bring spring into your home. The addition of unexpected color in a neutral home is fantastic to decorate for spring. I would choose either pastels or bright light colors like the above in the faux floral or whimsical examples!

Florals (or plants) Are Always for Spring

Florals may not be groundbreaking, but they are a perfect way to add some brightness to your home. Whether you choose real or faux, greens and flowers can freshen up your space for spring. If you do choose faux flowers, ensure they are not plastic-looking and are of good quality.

Don’t Stray From Your Style

Keep your personal home style in mind when decorating for seasons. It would be out of character for me to change styles and start adding things like driftwood or copper bowls which would be more of a rustic spring mantel or mason jars which would be more for a farmhouse spring mantle because my style is a cozy mid-century modern living room.

Repurpose Your Decor

You don’t have to buy new decor every season! Re-use your decor from different rooms to change up your home!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Literal

Similar to the above, you don’t have to add easter eggs to celebrate with Easter decor or hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For Valentine’s Day decor, see my Valentine’s Day Mantle Decor post! For an easter mantle, I would use pastel pops of color, modern-style rabbits or chicks, but likely not traditional pastel easter eggs or happy-looking bunnies.

Choose a Theme

It is painfully obvious when you throw random decor up and don’t think about the cohesiveness. Ensure you have a theme for unity. It can be a color, style, or even a feeling you’d like to evoke.

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