The Story of a Bag

Hi Friends! Today’s post is a story that I have been dying to share with you but it’s taken me some time to figure out how I wanted to talk about the subject. So here it goes: I love a good bag. There’s fewer things more exciting than making a new bag purchase. You pick it out carry it around the store for a while and finally after much deliberating whether the cost is worth it, you make the purchase. You get a beautiful dust cover and that amazing new bag smell.

This story is kind of like that, but not at all. You see, this process happened, but a long time ago, and it wasn’t me. This isn’t the story of a shiny new trendy bag that’s on everyone’s arm and my friends will covet. It’s the story of a well-loved bag, long forgotten, but rediscovered.

I am the older sibling and I never really had hand-me-downs, so when I got the chance to go through my mom’s closet I loved seeing what I could take and turn into something new, or even wear as something retro (referring to my “ugly” but actually adorable Christmas sweater). A couple of years ago, my mom was cleaning out her closet and I was going through some of her old bags. I found a few that had definitely seen better days, but most were pretty classic. I’ve always loved my mom’s classic style, and it definitely shows in my clothing choices. So, when I came across this Coach bag I was so excited about it! My mom was over it, to her it was outdated, but to me it was vintage. Actually, better than vintage because it had a story that I knew. The pervious owner was someone whom I am very close with and even better, she knows it went to a good home.

Sometimes I think that “vintage” items show their age through an outdated style. Whether the shape is too small, or disproportional, the strap is too long , etc. I couldn’t find anything wrong with this bag. I cleaned it off, although I’m sure a trip to a leather repair shop could help a lot, too, but its good to use now, as my perfect spring bag!

The rest of her bags went to donation. I always try to donate items still in good condition. It reminds me of how fortunate I am in the way I grew up and how I was raised. Who knows, someone else can give your “vintage” items a new home.

Story of a Bag

Thanks for reading!

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