How to Style a Chambray Shirtdress: 2 Cute Outfit Ideas

Shirtdresses are such a great universal piece of clothing. They can be worn in so many different situations, from running errands to dinner, to work, even! When I grabbed this chambray shirtdress, I couldn’t choose how to style it for you, so I ended up with two looks. One casual, one dressed up!

Sale Shopping: Where to Get the Best Deals

Some stores you can always count on to have a great sale. Very rarely do stores only sell full price anymore unless they’re luxury brands. So mid-tier stores that used to exclusively sell full price, are now stores that I exclusively shop when they have store-wide sales, which is a few times a moth!

7 Reasons to Get a Spray Tan

I started getting spray tans this past spring and it has changed everything! From how I dress to my confidence levels and self esteem. There are so many reasons to get a spray tan, and it’s so easy to do and affordable!

How to Get a Straighter Smile with Invisalign & Krieger Orthodontics

I met with Dr. Krieger for my complimentary consultation, and we talked about my options. At 26 there was no getting me back into braces, so Invisalign was the best option (the only one I was willing to work with). I started on the SimplyStr8 Program and at the time this article is being written, I am about 13 weeks in.

How To Rehydrate Skin Quickly

The weather in Dallas has been yo-yo-ing so much lately and my skin can’t keep up! As soon as the temperatures drop, my skin dries out, and it isn’t a good look. Additionally I travel a lot this time of year, so the airplanes alone can wreak havoc on my skin’s hydration. It’s usually a nightmare, but this season I’ve found a solution from Olay, in their new Mists, which not only hydrate my skin quickly, but also helps energize or calm me depending on the scents I use.

How to Wear Gingham this Summer

Gingham is the print of summer 2018. While it’s been around forever, and I’m pretty sure it won’t ever go out of style, but this season it is very in, and you can’t escape it. So, I’m writing to tell you how to wear gingham this summer and  embrace it!

Going Out(fits): 2 Going Out Outfits

Most people have the same idea of what “going out” is. In my head it sounds like a dark, loud bar where you can’t have a conversation and you end up spilling half of your $8-15 drink on your shoes. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m not much for clubs or club-like bars. I do like going out though! My idea of a great night out would consist of dinner then heading to a slightly less insane bar where I can sit and talk to my friends. No dance floor, no drink on your shoes, no hearing damage. Still cute going out outfits. 

How to “Fix” Your Stats After a Bad Instagram Giveaway

I wrote a while ago about my experience doing a hidden giveaway. While I gained followers, I wasn’t happy with the quality of the followers and how badly it changed my demographics. I corrected my demographics and my Dallas audience actually holds a higher percentage of than prior to the hidden giveaways. Keep reading to see how I “fixed” my stats and got everything from my engagement to my follower demographics back to normal or better than before.

Embroidered White Dress for Summer

I don’t know about you, but am ready so skip past all of this rainy spring nonsense and get to summer already! Pretty dresses, sandals, shorts, pool days, ice cream, vacations, the list of great things goes on! I am especially ready to lock up all of my jackets and not wear them for about 4 months and trade them out for things like this adorable embroidered white dress from MarleyLilly!