How to Wear Gingham this Summer

Gingham is the print of summer 2018. While it’s been around forever, and I’m pretty sure it won’t ever go out of style, but this season it is very in, and you can’t escape it. So, I’m writing to tell you how to wear gingham this summer and  embrace it!

Going Out(fits): 2 Going Out Outfits

Most people have the same idea of what “going out” is. In my head it sounds like a dark, loud bar where you can’t have a conversation and you end up spilling half of your $8-15 drink on your shoes. If you haven’t guessed it already, I’m not much for clubs or club-like bars. I do like going out though! My idea of a great night out would consist of dinner then heading to a slightly less insane bar where I can sit and talk to my friends. No dance floor, no drink on your shoes, no hearing damage. Still cute going out outfits. 

How to “Fix” Your Stats After a Bad Instagram Giveaway

I wrote a while ago about my experience doing a hidden giveaway. While I gained followers, I wasn’t happy with the quality of the followers and how badly it changed my demographics. I corrected my demographics and my Dallas audience actually holds a higher percentage of than prior to the hidden giveaways. Keep reading to see how I “fixed” my stats and got everything from my engagement to my follower demographics back to normal or better than before.

Embroidered White Dress for Summer

I don’t know about you, but am ready so skip past all of this rainy spring nonsense and get to summer already! Pretty dresses, sandals, shorts, pool days, ice cream, vacations, the list of great things goes on! I am especially ready to lock up all of my jackets and not wear them for about 4 months and trade them out for things like this adorable embroidered white dress from MarleyLilly! 

How to Spend A Weekend in San Antonio

Last month Kale and I met my parents in San Antonio. We drove down on a Friday and had the best weekend in the little city. I loved the historic look and feel. It’s so nice to see the preserved character and history of it all! Keep reading to see how to spend a weekend in San Antonio like we did! 

Lace for Spring

I love lightweight and breezy looks this time of year. I used to not love lace for spring because it seemed old or too fancy for every day. Now, though I am loving the crochet lace on these tops! They are so perfect for a spring brunch! If you haven’t noticed, I have my mind on patios and brunching in this gorgeous weather, so naturally, the outfits that I would wear to these occasions are not far behind.

Texas Road Trip with Toyota Highlander

I love a fun road trip. You go cool places, see fun things along the way, avoid airport craziness, and there is always snacks, shopping, and plenty of stops along the way. They are even better when you have an awesome car to drive! I borrowed a Toyota Highlander for my most recent Texas road trip where Kale and I traveled in the Toyota Highlander from Dallas to San Antonio.

Eyelet White Midi Dress

Eyelet white dresses are my favorite for spring! White can go terribly wrong if not done correctly, so I’m very careful about which ones I choose! This midi dress popped up while I was hunting for spring styles on ASOS, and I couldn’t let it pass by without adding it to my cart! I grabbed an XS and it fits like a glove! 

In the Trenches: A New Job and A Red Trench Coat

Before I talk about my red trench coat, I want to talk about my day job when I’m “in the trenches” as a Social Media Manager! I laugh when I have to explain my job to people, because I do literally sit on Instagram all day. It sounds like a pretty good deal, which it definitely is, but there’s more to it than scrolling my favorite bloggers! I recently started a new job, so my day to day is still changing.

Apartment Hunting with Your SO

Looking for an apartment is hard, but looking for an apartment for two is even harder. Twice the ideas, twice the stuff, twice the opinions. There are so many factors that play into finding your new home, so you need to figure out what is important to both of you before searching. Apartment Hunting with Your SO is hard, but I compiled a list of things to consider beforehand.

The Nordstrom Ruched Dress Everyone is Wearing

If there is one outfit I would recommend for everyone, of every shape and size, it is this ruched dress! I have it in 2 colors now and I’ve had to stop myself from buying them all! It may seem like it’s winter, but not in Dallas! I paired this tank dress with my new favorite cardi, which I picked up on Black Friday. It is seriously the softest thing I own right now! Not only do I recommend this dress for everyone, but it’s the Nordstrom ruched dress everyone is wearing!

When Life Gives You Lemons

This lemons top is a part of my current favorite travel outfit, and I have been travleing a lot lately!