Summer Sale Season

Where are my fellow shopaholics? THIS IS YOUR SEASON. It’s summer sale season and I can’t wait for them to start! I am a huge sale shopper, I rarely ever purchase pieces full price. I like to buy higher quality pieces at a discount rather than less expensive items at full price. So, there are sales every weekend, what is so special about these? Well, I’ll tell you!

(Yesterday was Prime, Day, what did you get?!) First, (I can’t believe I didn’t say s this first) Happy Prime Day! It’s Amazon‘s second annual Prime Day, one of the largest summer sales and I can’t wait to shop. They have great sales including 30% off clothing, shoes and accessories! What am I buying? I am sure I’ll pick up other items, but my main priority is a new Blu-Ray remote because my dog decided that mine looked like a tasty snack… again.

Next the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins this week! Pre-sale (For debit or credit card holders only get yours today!) is July 14-21, then opens to everyone July 22-August 8. This sale is special because Nordstrom features NEW items for fall (already?!) on sale and then when the sale is over on August 8, the prices go up. It’s backwards from the norm, but much appreciated for those looking to get the latest fashions for a more affordable price! Look out for my picks later this week!

Finally, twos days ONLY we have the Shopbop Surprise Summer Sale. This sale features some amazing deals including 25% off Designer Sale! Shop my picks below!

Happy Shopping!

xoxo Kasey

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