Target Style x Chambray Dress

Target Style

I can’t go into Target without buying at least ten things and spending around $100. It’s the best place because you can find just about anything you want (except ribbon which I needed for this hat). I don’t usually go into the Target Style clothing section for a couple of reasons. First, because it’s dangerous being that close to reasonably priced clothes and second, because I always forget how great the pieces are. Target Style always seems to snag fantastic brand partnerships and has really great regular brands as well.

Now let’s remember one important thing here, this started as a quick trip for ONE thing. Literally, one thing and I walked out with just under ten, I remember because I could get in the 10 items or under line (thank goodness). It all goes down hill when you pick up a basket (or for the really ambitious, a cart). Then gets worse when you stop in the dollar section which just happens to always have something you definitely need. My current obsession is bar carts, and I have successfully outfitted one without actually having the cart at this point. 

Chambray Dress

Since it’s almost swimsuit season, I stopped by to see the if they had the style I was looking for, and somehow ended up in the jumbled clearance section where I found this chambray dress. I brought several things into the fitting room to try on, and had some wins and losses, but I absolutely loved how this chambray dress fit me. It’s got a trendy neckline and doesn’t hang too low under the arms which is something I usually have a problem with. This dress is actually a Target Style Juniors brand, but sometimes they actually fit me better since I’m child-sized (which I’ve gotten over being embarrassed about because I can shop more places for less expensive clothes: WIN).

I’m sure you’ve noticed these shoes in a lot of my instagrams and posts lately. Guys I’m obsessed. They go with everything and are very comfortable! My favorite part about this outfit is that I could mix the two styles. When I studied in London everyone talked about how Kate Middleton was so great about mixing High Street and High Fashion and I’ve loved the term ever since. I feel like I’m always saving or coveting that next high-end piece, but that’s also not always the best option for my wallet or my lifestyle. So when shopping and styling I love to mix pieces like my High Street dress with High Fashion shoes!


chambray dress x Target Style  chambray dress x Target Style

chambray dress x Target Style

chambray dress x Target Style

xoxo Kasey

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