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I’m so happy to finally share my Disney trip with you! My family decided to do the holidays differently this year. I was luckily able to get the time off from work to meet my family in Orlando for us to see Disney World at Christmas. It was magical to say the least, granted we are definitely Disney people. It was absolutely exhausting walking miles and miles each day, as we were running on sugar and adrenaline from rides.


We got to see the parks decorated, a few performances, parades, and of course their famous firework shows! It was such a great time to be there with my family. One thing I love about Disney is that you can enjoy it at any age. I’ve been there when I was 7, 17, and 23 and had a different experience, each time, but fantastic all the same. I took a ton of photos and added more from my sister, and have about a zillion, but I’ll show as much restraint as I can.




I had such a problem packing for this trip, not wanting to be a typical tourist and wear my running shoes and fanny pack (FYI I don’t own a fanny pack). On top of that, the weather was going to be all over the place. It actually worked out that I packed for Ohio and Florida, since I needed a sweater the first day! I wore my Adidas Superstar shoes everyday since I needed something comfy. They came just in time the week before I left. They were backordered for weeks before hand, so I was so excited when they arrived on time! I went for comfy and casual each theme park day, and even needed to buy a sweatshirt to stay warm one night!



We did go to Universal Studios one day to see Harry Potter World and the Marvel heroes.  We were definitely not disappointed. One thing you have to know about me, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is that I’m a huge nerd, and I don’t mind one bit. I had a blast hanging out with the wizards and meeting Captain America… he’s my favorite!










Overall, a very successful trip where we overindulged ourselves with sweets, and walked until our feet felt like they were going to fall off, and made it home safe and sound.


Disney Outfit 1:

Disney Outfit 2:

Disney Outfit 3:

Universal Outfit:


xoxo Kasey

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    Captain America is my favorite too! Happy holidays 🙂

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