Things To Do At The Atlantis In The Bahamas

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I’ve been to the Bahamas five times in my life, once when I was a small child, too young to remember, but apparently, Atlantis wasn’t even built yet! I’ve been twice via cruise, and twice we have stayed at Atlantis. Needless to say, I made myself familiar with the property in our short time there, and absolutely love the resort. It is beautiful and ginormous, and impossible to be bored. If you’re looking for a resort in the Bahamas, or are thinking about a Caribbean vacation, I hope this article, with the top things to do in Atlantis, will help make your decision!

Atlantis has several stay options: The Royal, The Coral, The Reef, The Cove, and Harborside closest to Marina Village, which is where we usually stay. All of which are located on Paradise Island, about five minutes from downtown Nassau, Bahamas.

Things To Do At The Atlantis In The Bahamas

Fun Things to Do in Atlantis for Resort Guests

As a guest at the Atlantis Resort, there are so many things for you to do on the property! No matter how long your visit, you’ll most certainly not be bored. Below I’ve categorized some of the many things to do on the property at Atlantis including things to do at night when it’s raining, and those included with your room cost.

If you are planning to visit the Atlantis resort as a non-guest, check out this article with all of the paid and free things you can do in Atlantis for non-guests.

Tennis Courts

Bring your rackets and balls and head to the courts! You’ll need to reserve the courts for a small fee to play. If you don’t travel with your gear, you may also rent that from the resort.

Book a Dolphin Cay Experience

The Atlantis Dolphin Cay features unique experiences with dolphins and sea lions in one of the largest open-air marine habitats in the world. We paddle boarded with dolphins on our most recent trip and it was such an amazing experience! We almost couldn’t book because when we first arrived and checked, the experiences were sold out, however after checking again the next day, we were able to slide into a group for the next morning. Moral of the story, plan ahead and try to book before your trip, but if that doesn’t work, keep checking back once you arrive. People cancel and no-show often, so you may get lucky like we did!

You can find more info on our Dolphin Cay experience and their photo policy, in this post.

Book a Marine Life Experience

In addition to dolphins and sea lions, you can book many different experiences in marine habitats such as snorkeling with sharks, get hands-on with stingrays, or scuba in the ruins. See a full list of experiences here.

I’d recommend trying to book these experiences before your trip so you don’t miss them. Many of these experiences book up and sell out quickly!

Rent a Private Cabana

If you’re planning to spend an entire day at the pool or on the beach a great idea is to book a cabana. This way you’ll never lose your seat, you don’t have to worry about leaving your things when you go to the water slides, and you’re equipped with a refrigerator, shade, and a private area. (Aka you won’t be super close to strangers who inevitably post up next to you because the pool chairs fill up quickly).

Relax at the Spa

There’s something about a spa day that is so much better when it’s by the beach. Even if you can’t see the beach. It’s just better on vacation. The Mandara spa looks absolutely beautiful, so if you’re looking to relax on your vaycay, book a treatment! I’ve never personally experienced this spa, but it looks incredible. You can also enjoy their warm and cold plunges, saunas, and aromatherapy rooms one you book a treatment.


I’m definitely not a golfer, but in honor of my boyfriend who is obsessed with the sport, I have to note the Ocean Club Golf Course. The course is exclusive to guests of the resort. The prices are steep, but how often do you get to golf on an island in the Atlantic?

Head to a Celebration or Event

Throughout the year, Atlantis will host different festivals and events. I remember a huge festival one year we went for Independence Day (theirs, not ours). The Bahamas Independence Day is July 10, but they celebrated all week with festivities! Check the Events calendar to see what is happening while you are there!

Try the Many Restaurants

One thing I love about Atlantis is the endless options of places to eat! The locations range from casual to formal, deli to Nobu or seafood and steakhouse. You can find everything from local options to international. There is naturally a ton of seafood, so I definitely got my fix. Be sure to try the conch! It’s a local favorite and served nearly every way you can think of.

Things to Do in Atlantis At Night

Dance at the Club

Aura Night Club is open Thursday through Saturday starting at 10pm. Admission is $25 and the club is open to both guests and non-guests. Hotel guest ladies are always free. There is a dress code, be sure to check your attire before you go! Check the website and signs for other events happening in the club, on Halloween, they are hosting a Mad Masquerade Halloween Party and they frequently host guest DJs.

I was with my parents on this trip so I did not experience the club, however, it seemed pretty busy and loud when we walked by!

Joker’s Wild Comedy Club

Jokers Wild hosts some of television’s funniest comics just about every night. You can check the schedule to see who is performing during your stay. This is definitely an adult show, so leave the kids in bed. I liked that this was a nice and different thing to do at night in the hotel other than head to the bar.

Visit the Aquariums

On our first day at the resort, we arrived pretty late, so we didn’t get much of a chance to explore the grounds before it got dark. Instead of heading back to the room or straight to the Atlantis casino or bar, we walked around, visited the beaches, and saw the aquariums. Many sea creatures are nocturnal, so they’re actually more active at night. While they aren’t super well-lit for photos, you’ll still be able to see tons of great creatures swimming around without crowds, or people around at all!

Don’t forget to look at the marine habitats outside, these were the more secluded ones, and really cool to see at night without others around.

Free Things to Do in Atlantis for Guests

Once you’re on the property, the resort is somewhat inclusive given that some of the amenities are included in your room price. Even the grounds are guarded by security, so only hotel guests can walk around and are allowed on private beaches.

Visit the Dolphin Cay

Visiting the Dolphin Cay is totally free to Atlantis guests! Note, I did not say swimming or interacting with the dolphins, however, if you want to stop by and watch them perform tricks or just watch them swim around and pop out of the water, you can walk right up to the Dolphin Cay, grab a seat in the viewing area and hang out!

Watch the Yachts

When we visit Atlantis, we stay in a condo associated with my parent’s timeshare in Harborside. The perks and amenities are the same as when you stay in one of the towers. The only difference with Harborside is that it is located, quite literally, harborside. Meaning there is a harbor and marina in between the condos and Atlantis hotel that docks many gorgeous and gigantic yachts every day. We loved walking around each day ogling them. You are also closest to the Marina Village with some cute shops and snack places.

Explore the Marine Habitats

I already recommended checking out the marine habitats at night, but they are definitely worth a visit during the day as well! Definitely check out The Dig so you can see the giant manta ray!

In these marine habits, Atlantis does not just house sea creatures as a novelty. They have an entire team of marine biologists on-site to study and care for the creatures. They are also one of only two marine habitats in the western hemisphere to feature giant manta rays.

Ride the Water Slides at the Aquaventure Park

The Aquaventure Park is one of the most known water parks in the Caribbean and one of the most alluring parts of the Atlantis Resort for many families. They have two water slide towers with 18 waterslides of varying sizes and boast more than 20 swimming areas.

I can’t mention the waterslides without noting the Leap of Faith, probably the most famous waterslide atop of the Mayan temple, you slide down the 60-foot tall body slide through the lagoon with marine life including sharks, and into a waiting pool.

The rides are really fun for a couple hours, but personally, I preferred the river ride! The Rapids River ride is a mile long surrounding the Power Tower. Don’t mistake it for a lazy river, you’ll need both hands to hold on through the rapids.

See a Movie

Atlantis has its own movie theater showing some of the top new releases, all completely complimentary for hotel guests.

Relax at the Pools or on the Beach

The pools and beaches at Atlantis are unmatched. If you find you need a change from the 20 swimming areas, be sure to visit the white sand beaches: any of the four beaches, Cove Beach, Royal Beach, Paradise Lagoon, or Atlantis Beach, will be open for guests to enjoy.

Things to Do in Atlantis When It’s Raining

Indoor activities are a must when it rains, and even though the Bahamas seems like paradise, it does rain there. It’s good to have a backup plan of things to do!


Like I just said above, movies are the perfect rainy day activity. It’s even better that they’re complimentary when you are a guest of the resort!

The Dig

The Dig is a marine habitat modeled after the lost city of Atlantis. You can walk through and see the exhibits and “streets” of the lost city among tropical fish and even a touch-tank aquarium. This is where I first discovered that I needed a sea cucumber as a pet. It hasn’t happened yet, but I really want one!

Head to the Bar

The obvious thing to do on vacation, is drink! The Caribbean is known for its rum, and the Bahamas is chock-full of it! Each meal and every hour in between could be filled with $20 rum (or your choice of spirit) cocktails. If you’re catching on, this isn’t exactly a cheap activity, but hey, you’re on vacation. Go for it!

Try Your Luck in the Casino

Atlantis has a massive casino complete with 85 gaming tables and over 700 slot machines. I didn’t have any luck, but my sister and dad fared pretty well! I talked all about my last casino experience outside of Dallas, here.

Go Shopping

If you’re tired of playing and drinking your money away, the last thing on my list is to go shopping! We stopped at the stores on our last evening in the resort. There are several gift shops full of golf polos, spirit jerseys, mugs, magnets, and more splashed with the Atlantis logo, or you can check out luxury shops such as Gucci, YSL, and more.

As you can see there are tons of things to do at Atlantis. You truly never have to leave the property! I love that they have so much going on, so there is something for everyone! When Dad wants to go to the casino, we go shopping with Mom! When it’s raining, we can head to the movies. What are your favorite things to do at Atlantis?

Best Things to Do in Atlantis Bahamas featured by top US travel blog, Running in Heels

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