Top 5 Hair Accessory Gift Sets

Hair Accessory Gift Sets

I love hair accessories and trying fun hairstyles, so it should come as no surprise that I love giving and getting hair accessory gift sets for Christmas! There are so many fun gifts sets out there, but I love assembling my own as well! In assembling my own I can customize colors, styles, and gift some items from each category. In this post, I’ve put together some of the best gift sets for hair accessories, and some great individual items for assembling your own!

5 Hair Accessory Gift Sets to Offer this Year:

Slip Scrunchies Gift Set

I love skinny silk scrunchies. They are so great for my hair and perfect for gifting. The Slip ones are a bit more expensive than your typical hair tie but so worth the cost! They are super soft and mimick the slip pillowcase that is also wonderful for your skin and hair (another great gift option!). If Slip is out of your price range, check out these other awesome hair tie and scrunchie options.

Decorative Hair Barretts

I love pretty hair clips and decorative bobby pins! This amazon hair accessory gift set is the perfect gift for those who love to style with pearls, beads, and a little bit of sparkle! If you need ideas, check out my post on styling barrettes!


For the Blair Waldorf in your life, grab any of these super fun headbands! I went through a big Blair Waldorf phase in high school but skipped the headband trend this time around. That being said I love all of the pretty bows and beaded options, so I’m all for it on others. (I have a small head, so the oversized headbands make it look tinier and disproportionate).

Claw Clips

Claw Clips are the hot hair item this year! They are a definite throwback to the 90s as are the other styles, but to be honest I should have never let this one go to begin with! I love pulling my hair up with the clip instead of a scrunchie to get it out of my face in a fun messy style, french twist, or flip it over. They are also great for grabbing in the morning to pull your hair out of your face to wash up!

Silk Scarves

I love a silk scarf for so many reasons! You can attach it to a bag, wear it around your neck, but for the sake of this gift guide, you can style it so many ways in your hair! Check out my hair scarf styling post for styling ideas!

Hair Accessory Gift Sets

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