Top 9 Dog-Friendly Patios in Dallas

Dog-Friendly Patios in Dallas

This post was originally written in June 2019, and was updated in May 2024.

In my perfect world, I could easily bring my dogs everywhere with me. Unfortunately, my dogs are a little too large to fit in a purse and there are three of them, which makes it a lot more difficult to tote them around. However, we’re lucky to live in one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. According to this 2018 Yelp article, Dallas, TX is ranked number 4 in the country based on a variety of factors including the percentage of restaurants, hotels, etc that note that they allow dogs. Meaning, there are a ton of great dog-friendly patios in Dallas!

I’ve only ever lived in a couple of cities my whole life, so I didn’t have much to compare to, but I noticed that so many people in Dallas had dogs. What’s more, is that so many places welcomed them! The city seems to be set up for dog-parent success with numerous walking trails, great dog parks, public water fountains with bowls on the dogs’ level, and my favorite part, patios that are always welcoming to dogs. Sometimes the staff is more attentive to them than the people! Kidding. When I was working in an office especially, I preferred to frequent bars and restaurants where I could bring my dogs, weather permitting, so I didn’t leave them alone for even more time. They’re well-behaved and love it just as much as I do, so I’m so excited to share my list of top dog-friendly patios in Dallas!

In reality, you could choose pretty much any patio in Dallas and they would allow dogs. I was pretty overwhelmed when I started this list because there are SO MANY dog-friendly patios in Dallas, but I finally focused on the ones where you can sit and hang out with your furry and human friends for an afternoon of day drinking, brunch, or a meal. Typically on the larger side, and definitely more casual.

Top 7 Dog-Friendly Patios in Dallas

Katy Trail Ice House, Uptown & Plano

Katy Trail Ice House is one of the most popular patios in Dallas. It’s always on my recommendation list for Dallas visitors, dogs or not. Located right off the Katy Trail in Dallas, it’s the perfect place to stop along your walks, or you know, drive to. Grab a beer for you and a bowl of water for the dogs and hang out all afternoon! We usually opt for the queso or french fries so we can share with the pups. (They’re spoiled if you couldn’t tell.) Definitely stop by early in the day for their amazing BBQ! They run out every day, on purpose (supply and demand and all that), so don’t miss out!

The entire staff is obsessed with dogs and so sweet! They have water bowls available, and all the love to give your pups. The patio is massive and newly expanded, so there is also room for everyone and their four-legged friends. Don’t forget there are two locations, one location in Dallas and the other is the outpost in Plano!

Dots Hophouse, Deep Ellum

Dots is another giant patio, located in Deep Ellum it is perfect for you and your furry friends! It’s a massive open space with a beautiful chandelier in the center. Don’t let the chandelier fool you, though. It’s super casual and very dog-friendly! They have tons of beer on tap, and food to grab when you’re hungry.

I’d recommend keeping your dogs here only during the day. It gets a little crazy after 9pm, and the streets outside get very crowded for a pup if you’re coming or going.

Truck Yard, Lower Greenville

This patio is surrounded by some amazing food trucks, road signs and license plates, and even a tree house. They have nights with live music, and have some of the best frozen drinks on tap, too. Their frozen mule, margarita, and frozé are so good!

Dogs can hang out here all night. It gets crowded, but not too much so that you can’t have the pups with you! It’s a pretty laid back spot so I wouldn’t worry about them hanging out all night. Plus, all night ends at midnight due to the Greenville Sound Ordinance.

Ferris Wheeler’s

This BBQ spot has a great backyard with picnic tables, and you guessed it, a Ferris wheel! The patio offers a great option for grabbing some BBQ and a beer with your pups by your side. They also have great concerts some evenings, but do not bring your dogs to these concerts!

HG Sply Co.

You know I love a good rooftop patio! After a recent (and randomly beautiful) January weekend on this rooftop with the dogs, I couldn’t help but add it to the list! When you arrive with your pup(s) head up the back staircase straight up to the rooftop. They have TVs, plenty of seating, and great drinks! I prefer frozé or a mule.

When bringing the dogs I’d not bring them on a weekend night. It does get crowded, which can definitely be overwhelming for the dogs. I do also want to remind you that HG Sply closes at midnight, per the Greenville noise ordinance.

Deep Ellum Brewery

I just love how many great breweries are in Dallas. There’s tons of good beer and they have a great atmosphere. Deep Ellum Brewery is open every day of the week, but on Saturdays, they have open house from noon to 3pm where you can buy a $15 glass and get three beers, listen to live music and hang out with your friends, family, and dogs! I brought my parents here early in my move to Dallas. We had the best time!

Mutts Canine Cantina

I couldn’t talk about the best places for dogs in Dallas without mentioning the place for dogs. It’s actually a dog park but they made it fun for hoomans too! There is an entry fee per dog, or you can purchase a membership. Once you’re inside you can hang out on the patio at the picnic tables or inside the park area on the Adirondack chairs. Note: Dogs are only allowed off-leash inside the park area.

They serve sandwiches and snacks, beer, wine, and frozen cocktails. My favorite is the frozen margarita, and there are dog treats you can buy too! They also have Yappy Hour M-Th 3-6pm and F 12-6pm.

Cane Rosso

Dogs and Pizza? There couldn’t be a better combo! Cane Rosso has seven locations and while I haven’t been to all of them, they all appear to have great dog-friendly patios. The White Rock location in Dallas has picnic tables and is a great spot for a beer or froze with pizza!

Ascension Coffee

I love grabbing a dog and heading to a coffee shop to work on blog posts on the weekend. Ascension is a great stop because they have great coffee, but they also have awesome food. It’s a great place to hang out during the day alone or with friends and of course your pups! They have seven locations around DFW. I would go to the one on Henderson when I lived in Dallas, they also have a location in Cresent Court and White Rock for those in Dallas proper.


The best part about going to these dog-friendly patios is how happy the dogs are! Elie was such a ham all day we were out at Truck Yard and Ice House! She’s usually camera-shy, but wouldn’t stop smiling! Of course, all dogs are different in these situations, so introduce them slowly, and see how they react! It’s also probably a good idea to make sure they’re friendly with other dogs as well because they will interact, no matter how much you try to avoid it.

On the flip side, there are plenty of dogs to play with and pets, and most dog owners who bring their pups out in public are great about allowing them to socialize. I even got to borrow a puppy for some cuddles and a selfie!

5 Tips for Dog Lovers

  • Don’t ask to “borrow” or take someone’s dog on a walk. That’s happened to me before and it was super creepy
  • Don’t come up to the dog or the owners when they are eating (the dogs or the owners)
  • Stay and pet for a minute, then move on. No one likes a clinger
  • Don’t feed a dog without the owner’s permission
  • Don’t let your dog run wild or run up to other dogs without asking the other owner first
  • Don’t leave your pup unattended, especially at Mutts, stay with your dog in the park

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  1. David wrote:

    Great pics! Your pups look like they’re having tons of fun.

    How much does the Mutt Cantina cost, and why the fee? I’ve never heard of a dog park with a fee.

    Posted 10.8.19 Reply
    • Hi David, thanks so much! That is a great question! Mutts isn’t your average public dog park. They are an off-leash dog park with a restaurant and patio/beer garden. They have staff who help with clean-up and providing the dogs with treats and water in addition to servers, kitchen staff, and bartenders who provide you with food and drink (including alcohol). Daily pricing is on their website as $8.95/day ot $16.95/month for one dog, and $13.95/day or $25.95/month for two dogs. Yearly pricing is available as well.

      Posted 10.9.19 Reply
  2. Jordan wrote:

    The Rustic is NOT dog friendly just FYI. Went and they said we had to go next door to mutts, which they also own.

    Posted 1.5.20 Reply
    • Oh no! We have definitely taken our dogs there but it’s been a bit. I emailed them to see if they changed their dog policy, and I’ll update here as soon as I hear back! So sorry that happened to you!

      Posted 1.5.20 Reply
    • Hi Jordan, thank you so much for your comment. I have since updated the post to remove the Rustic and replace it. I am so sorry for the error!

      Posted 1.15.20 Reply