Training Update: Week # 11

Hi everyone! I have had an insane week. After the half marathon I was so ready to keep training and considering how great I felt by Tuesday I was happy to get out and run again. Only, it never happened. I got home on Tuesday to a disaster with my dog, Elie and had to wrestle her to wrap up her paw and watch her while trying to clean up all night. The next morning I took her to the vet to have her paw cleaned and patched up, and they recommended surgery to get a couple of her nails removed. So of course, the paranoid puppy mom that I am wanted to stay with her all night. She was confused and sleepy from the drugs and kept running into things in her cone. It was pitiful, really. So again, no work out. Luckily I went back to my schedule on Thursday and didn’t lose too much time. (Elie is doing great by the way!

This weekend I went 15 miles around (and then back) this beautiful lake. That’s farther than I have EVER gone before! The beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and sunshine kept me motivated. I feel good about it, even though I walked more than I wanted to. I even got a little bit sunburnt!

I’m stretching and foam rolling and icing like a mad person- anything to make it through the next 5 weeks! At this point I’m at a cross roads. It’s mind over matter, a mantra I had lost in the last few weeks. I’ve got it back now, and am going to go the distance. Two more weeks of increasing mileage and then I decrease… I am so close I can hardly wait! 18 miles next week… wish me luck!


xoxo Kasey

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