Training Update: Week 14

Hi Everyone! I am so sorry I am so late with this post! Things have been crazy here with the holiday, traveling, work, and getting my Christmas decorations up! I took a decent break last week and gave my knee a break over the holiday.

I did get to do one race while I was home, the Turkey Trot! My mom, sister and I did our first Turkey Trot ever and I think it will become a new tradition! We had so much fun and a little bit of healthy competition… after all, what are siblings for?


We knew it would be a fair race, because she was a sprinter in High School, and I run slow but far. We signed up for the 2 mile which was an awkward distance for both of us. Everyone thought my sister would win, but guess who figured out speed? Me! I beat my State Champion sprinter sister in a race! I won bragging rights, for at least a year.

To be honest, I am kind of freaking out. The marathon is in less than two weeks and I am so nervous! I don’t feel ready, but really, can you ever really feel prepared for your first marathon? Even with all the nerves, I am so excited to do this, and finally run the race that I have been training for!


xoxo Kasey

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