Training Update Week #3

This was the first week I really challenged myself to go further than I felt fully comfortable. So on Sunday I ran 4.25 miles and it felt great!

It’s really nerve-wracking planning to go that extra mile and wondering whether you can. I am really comfortable in the 3 mile range, but this marathon is about challenging myself and pushing my limits. Running that extra mile gave me several important realizations, and although it’s nothing ground-breaking, in fact, most are reapeats from my last post, but the more I say it, the more I realize I won’t be able to  go too much further without putting these ideas into practice.

  1. Training- Although last week was better, I really noticed how hard I am going to be on my body in the coming weeks. Without this carefully laid out training program, I won’t make it, and I need to focus on the end goal rather than how much I would rather watch a movie or eat some Oreos. Bringing to my next point…
  2. Diet- This coming week is about diet and planning out my diet with my training plan. The good news is, the more I work out, the less I want sweets. They don’t know it yet, but I’m calling on a few friends and family members to help me with this.
  3. Bad Habits- this is where I need to really make adjustments in my lifestyle. I’m a night owl, fan of happy hours, and professional procrastinator. These are all things that will stand in my way of getting my mind and body ready for this marathon. It’s hard to look forward three months when my friends want to grab a drink tonight. Even if it’s a rest day, alcohol should really be cut out while I’m training, especially before long run days. Procrastination and staying up late go hand in hand for the most part. I just need to get up and go in the morning, after work, and with everything I have on my plate. No more procrastinating, I’ve got this.
Week # 3 training update

Thanks for reading!

xoxo Kasey


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