Training Update: Week #4

6 miles down! I’m SO proud of my progress this week! I was consistent and stuck with my schedule, was much more aware of what I was eating, and drank more water. Now, my next step is altering my social life, just a little bit. Before this run I was out all day and up all night. Not exactly the ideal training situation.

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This is a hard process. It’s a lifestyle change, and it won’t happen all at once. But mile by mile I get stronger, and day by day I make changes for the better. I’m not willing to completely give up my social life for this marathon. Although it would be so much more simple to get up and run if I didn’t do the occasional happy hour, or go out on the weekend. I’m sure my body would also appreciate a little less sugar. That’s not me, though. I will forever have a sweet tooth, places to go and people to see, and you better bet that I’ll be having seconds of everything on Thanksgiving, too (yes I am already excited about Thanksgiving!).

Thanks for reading! xoxo Kasey

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