Training Update: Week #5

7.52 miles down! It’s really unbelievable what I willingly do to myself. My run on the trail would have ended at 6.5 miles or so, but somehow I (rightly) convinced myself that cutting my run short was only cheating myself. This was completely true, but I don’t always listen to myself. You see, I’m pretty stubborn. I can talk myself into and out of pretty much anything.

I’m impulsive, and a planner but absolutely terrible at following schedules (but I love to make them). It’s hard to constantly remember what I’m working towards, with the marathon still a couple of months away. So, last week I impulsively signed up for a few more races that happened to perfectly match up with my training schedule, giving me shorter goals to work towards. Next week I have a 15k… wish me luck!


xoxo Kasey

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