Training Update: Week #7- An Off Week

Hi Everyone!

I’m writing this as I ice my knee, and guzzle Vitamin Water. I had a rough run today, if you can even call it a run. I made some not-so-great decisions for training this week, and didn’t quite realize it until my long run didn’t go as planned today.

Coming off of the 15k last week,  I was feeling great. I took Monday as my usual rest day and my run on Tuesday went well, actually it was the longest run I’ve done during the week. It all went downhill from there. As far as my diet went, I was still eating a lot of veggies, some carbs, but completely neglected the protein. That, combined with late nights, not feeling well and too many ‘rest’ days I was not in a good position to run this afternoon. I felt it beforehand too, but I had to try.

The chills started on my second mile. It was a strange feeling, being cold in 90 degree heat. I was also light-headed and a little nauseous. I stopped, and googled my symptoms (That’s why we take our phones on runs, right?) and determined that I was dehydrated. I had water with me, so I started with that and kept moving. I felt a little better after walking a bit, and started running again, not to be slowed down by a minor dehydration scare. I kept running and got chilled again, so I walked off and on until I reached the end of the trail and started back. I ended up walking about half of my workout today, but I tried to keep my pace up, and get my miles in one way or another. My knee was also bothering me, so all around it was good that I stopped. I got home and ate baked chicken and rice, with vitamin water and chocolate milk. I am working on a better meal plan moving forward, so I’m not stuck like I was last week again. Clearly, it didn’t work out well.

All I can do is keep moving forward, and improve. check back next week and see how I do!

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