Training Update: Week #8

I can’t believe that the race is in already in two months! I feel like it is sneaking up on me so quickly. So far, I feel really great about my progress. Last weekend I ran 10.5 miles Saturday morning before starting my weekend. My knee is still sore a couple of days later but that could have a little to do with the fact that I didn’t rest it much afterwards. After my bad week last week I am a little off my original schedule, but with the DRC Half Marathon coming up on November 1, I should be back on track soon. I left a little bit of wiggle room in there, so I’m not worried yet. I just need to get my diet back on track after my weekend. (Read about it tomorrow!)

When I run I use the Nike Running app. I really like it, but then again, I’ve never used anything else. I’m slightly concerned with either running out of songs as I get into these longer runs, so I am asking you all: Any suggestions?


xoxo Kasey

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