Training Update: Week #9

mavs 5k

What a week! Last week was so busy, and on top of that we had a ton of rain. Apparently everything is bigger in Texas, even the rainstorms! It all started on Thursday with dark clouds and thunder. It was also the night of the Mavs 5K, the last race in the Run Dallas Race Series. I thought for sure the race would be cancelled when they started ushering everyone into the American Airlines Center due to lightning. But, sure enough, fifteen minutes later we were lining up. Ready, set, cue the rain, go!

mavs 5k 3

I actually finished with a great time considering speed is not my strength. Anything under 30 mins for a 5k is fantastic in my book. Plus, it was improvement which I will take any day.


Speaking of improvement, I ran 12 miles this weekend. Super casual, right? Wrong. I had planned to run Sunday morning and get it over with, but as you probably know by now, I am not a morning person. Upon checking the weather and seeing that it was supposed to rain for the two hours that I was supposed to run that morning, I decided against it and waited until the afternoon.


It is incredibly hard to convince yourself to get off the couch and go for a run, let alone a 12 mile one. Somehow, I did it and managed to complete the 12 miles faster than the 10.5 miles last week. Improvement, again I’m super happy with it. I am definitely sore today.

I was told before I ran my first half marathon last year that everything goes numb after your 8th mile, and weirdly the hardest miles were 5 and 6. After that, I did kind of go numb. I figured out the best form to finish with and just ran with my body going through the motions. Hopefully I’ll figure out those motions earlier next time and reduce my walking time. The DRC Half Marathon is next weekend, I am really excited, and as long as my knee holds up and I can run the whole time I am aiming to beat my time from last year. Wish me luck!

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xoxo Kasey

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