Valentine Mantel Decor: Decor, Ideas, and More

valentine mantle decor featuring gold candlesticks, heart vase filler and a gold heart

I’ve always liked Valentine’s Day, it’s so fun to celebrate the people you love! My parents were always sure to include my sister and me on Valentine’s Day and gave us some candy or a stuffed animal. Something small to show their love and to include us in the holiday. I loved that they made it more about all the people you love rather than one true love or even kept it to themselves. Because of that, I’ve always loved the holiday and celebrated with family or Galentines with friends regardless of whether I’ve had a significant other or not. Of course Kale and celebrate every year but since my birthday is a close follow we sometimes do dinner at home or a nice night out.

I love decorating my house and changing up decor for the seasons is part of the fun! However, it is difficult to find things that aren’t cheesy. It seems like as soon as Christmas is over there is an abundance of plastic red hearts everywhere and signs that say ‘Be Mine’. If you’ve seen my home, I prefer to keep it more neutral and minimal in my decor, so it’s a tough balance to find. In this post, I’m sharing some fun Ideas for Valentine mantle decor.

If you don’t have a mantle for Valentine’s Day Decor and are decorating a smaller space check out my post on Valentine’s Day decor for your apartment!

Valentine Mantel Decor: Decor, Ideas, and More

Valentine’s Day Vase Filler

I found a really cute Valentine’s Day vase filler a few years ago and love pulling it out this time of year! I grabbed a clear glass vase and set it in so the hearts face the front and everything else spills in around it.

Modern Heart

Hearts are one of the main symbols of the season. I do like to steer away from the obvious but in this case, I had this modern geometric heart from my old apartment and thought it was perfect for this mantel decor! I could hang it but with it being wireframe, it would be tough to do it without the hook showing. However, if you had something like this a command strip would be perfect!

Candle Sticks

I have started changing out my candlesticks for different colors at different times of the year. My pink candles haven’t come in yet, so you see white in the photo, but I have these on order!

Small Valentine

My parents sent this little guy to me a few years ago, and I think he’s so cute, it’s the perfect little addition to my mantle.

Valentine Vase

If you want to skip the vase filler and go for real or faux flowers you can choose a pretty Valentine’s vase! This opaque XOXO vase is the cutest for Valentine’s Day!

How to Decorate a Mantel for Valentine’s Day

  • Don’t over-decorate, less is more
  • Coordinate colors
  • Mix in regular decor
  • Find balance
  • Group items in odd numbers
  • Use command strips/hooks to hold up/hold onto the mantle

Mantel Decorating Ideas for Valentine’s Day


I generally define my style as modern with a little bit of traditional. So my Valentine mantle decor is a combo of the two, where the candlesticks and heart are modern style. With a modern style, the decor will be a little more abstract and geometric. I love this modern heart decor and this


With a minimal style you may only have a tiny touch of Valentine’s Day and it will likely blend in with your usual decor. You will probably stick to metal or black and white colors. This heart is clay and has a natural stone look. It would blend well with a minimal modern home. You could pair it with this vase with flowers living or faux.


You could go all one color and focus it on pink. Swap out your candles for these pink ones, and grab this pink vase and pink flowers for a final touch. Add some fun pom poms to your vase filler for a touch of softness. You could even DIY your own with some yarn and hot glue!


Red leans more harsh but also more romantic. You could do red candles or red candle stick holders as well as this red garland.

White and Gold

I love a classic white and gold look. It adds a bit of glam to your home! I have gold and brass accents with our black, grey and white living room. This XOXO vase is so perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love it for the season it adds such a fun touch to the mantle.


Romantic style reminds me of pretty florals and flowing fabric. I love this vase, so adding big white or pink peonies would be gorgeous paired with a pretty floral garland.

Pastel, Candy Heart Theme

This style reminds me of the little candy hearts! I found this garland and thought it would be such a fun theme. I love the felt hearts and this print is so cute and goes perfectly!


Traditional is the other part of my other style where you’ll have really classic and obvious pieces. This style sits firmly in the pink and red or red an white color schemes. I love these little funky birds from Target, they have some for so many seasons and this one is just adorable! There would be a ton of hearts of course!

You’ve Got Mail

A feature of Valentine’s Day as a kid was giving and receiving Valentines at school. Mailboxes and letters have become synonymous with the holiday and I love the decor that comes with them. Involve your kids and display the valentines they receive at school on this valentine tree!

Black Hearts

This is the theme where I live. Add black hearts and garland to match your decor, or your mood! I love these black heart hands and this pretty garland! I am ordering some of this now because it goes so well with my usual decor. It will blend and add some festiveness but still work with the style of my home.

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