Walk in Closet Organization with Getting it Done Organizing

Walk in Closet Organization with Getting it Done Organizing

Last week we had Jenny Dietsch and her team at Getting it Done Organizing come to organize our walk-in closet. She and her team were over for about a day and a half and it was an incredible difference by the time they left! I cannot express enough how much simpler getting dressed in the morning is now! My clothes are easy to find, simple to put away after doin laundry, and even my husband’s side stays cleaner. She really creates a system and changes the way you use the space.

I oringinally didn’t think we needed to hire an organizer because I’m a pretty well organized person. However, it made SUCH a difference. I can put things in an order, but Getting it Done Organizing creates a whole system. It is harder to dismantle a system whereas before, I would put a shirt back in the wrong place, and everything would fall apart. I used to think I didn’t have the real estate for an organizer, since we only have a small walk in closet, but honestly, you don’t need to live in a 4000 sq ft, million dollar mansion to hire one. Getting it Done Organizing will do any space, and I think they can make an even bigger impact on a smaller space because you likely need more of a system.

Walk-in Closet Organization

Take Everything Out of the Closet

The first thing the Getting it Done Organizing team did was pull everything out of our closet. In order to create a system, they had to pull everything out and evaluate the space we were working with. They would add shelves, clothes rods, or anything they need to develop a system that works for you.

Clean Everything

Getting it Done Organiaing even cleaned out the hang rods and shelves and dusted them. You have to clean your space before putting everything back in. The team shared that this was the best time to clean because it’s likely the only time other than moving that your space would be completely empty!

Purge Unwanted or Unneeded Items

Next the Getting it Done Organizing team had me go through items in piles to purge anything I hadn’t worn in a while and knew I wouldn’t use in the future. This is a good practice to do at least once a year, if not once a season. They even donated everything for us so we didn’t have them in our house for the next four+ months. Does anyone else procrastinate on taking donations? I am notorious for keeping piles of items I meant to donate. I kept a few of the nicer or designer items that I wanted to resell on The Real Real or Poshmark, but the Getting it Done Organizing team took care of the rest.

The Getting it Done Organizing team also has a maintenance package so they can help with system upkeep and regular donations.

Create a System and Fill the Closet

The Getting it Done Organizing team then divided our items into piles of like items so that they could see the categories we had and decide where they would best live in the walk-in closet. It took some trial and error, but the team consulted me about how we use the space, and they came up with a fantastic closet storage system. Now I can see what I had and find everything I needed quickly, from hung up and folded clothes. On top of that, the system creates a simple way of replacing items after we do laundry, buy something new, or wear an item of clothing.

Coat Closet Organization

On top of organizing our walk-in closet, Jenny and her team surprised us by re-organizing our shoe and coat closet in the hallway. It was so unexpected, and they made it look better than I ever imagined it could! I love the coat rack and show shelves. Kale insists I have too many pairs of shoes. But this system displays my shoes so nicely and everything has a place now. I am also a big fan of the clear shoe storage boxes to hold some heels I wouldn’t wear regularly and keep the shelves full with easier-to-grab items like my booties.

What is the Walk-In Closet Organization Hack?

Matching hangers and coordinating bins. That’s it, that’s the hack! Matching hangers make the biggest difference in our closets. While the whole system is instrumental in keeping us organized, from a visual standpoint, the hangers and bins for clothes, shoes, and accessories make the biggest difference.

I use our guestroom closet space to hold out-of-season clothing, and storing items. They even switched out those hangers, so come time to change seasons, I can just replace the hanging clothes. I’ll easily be able to swap out those out!

You should also keep a full length mirror nearby the closet, so you can put your outfits together and return any discards to their rightful place quickly.

The Getting It Done Organizing Team

I cannot say enough good things about the Getting it Done Organizing team. They were so kind and quick, and got it done! The team was so sweet and a pleasure to have in our home. They were so respectful of our budget and used items we had already where they could. They even worked with us when Kale refused the velvet hangers! Apparently, it’s common for men to want to keep plastic hangers, so we compromised on the thin plastic ones. I was very thankful for their work and the difference they made in our home was an incredible one. Our new closet systems are perfect for us and really work with the way we live in our home.

Walk-In Closet Organization Products

Our shelves are the Ikea Pax system. We may eventually add an accessories drawer, but the shelves are great as they are currently.

Coat Closet Organization Products

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