Training Update: Week #6 DRC 15K Loop


If you follow me on Instagram you know that I ran a 15K this weekend with the Dallas Running Club. It was a chilly morning that turned into perfect running weather. 9.3 miles later (or 9.5 miles if I refer to my running app) I was a finisher with a decent average mile pace. I’m really happy with it, and the best part is, I’m not sore! Although that night I was told I should try out for a part on The Walking Dead because I was doing a fabulous zombie walk, I managed to wake up the next day in pretty good condition.



I love this lake. It’s a great place to run because of the beautiful scenery, and without the traffic of downtown. It’s much easier to get the longer runs out of the way, and gives me some thing to look at when I get bored. I love running, but that’s a long time to be alone with my thoughts. Any suggestions/recommendations on how to keep my mind of the many miles ahead? Leave them in the comments!


This particular race was Saturday morning instead of Sunday. I really liked having the extra weekend day to recuperate, and am considering switching my long runs to Saturdays. Have any of you trained for a marathon? Which do you prefer? There is no method to my madness, as long as it gets done and I can still walk up and down stairs with my dog, then I’ll go for it.

xoxo Kasey

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