What to Bring to Yoga Class

What to Bring to Yoga Class

Yoga connects breath and movement. It’s more than just exercise, it’s mindfulness. Whether it’s your first yoga class, or you are a seasoned pro, yoga is about moving your body and opening your mind. I’m sharing what to bring to yoga class.

What you bring to your first yoga class may be different than your 100th. You will figure out what equipment you use and what you need as you go. This will depend on how much equipment you like to use and what type of yoga classes you take, whether it’s sculpt, power, or hot yoga class, your needs may be different. I recommend starting with the basics like yoga mats, water bottles, and sweat towels, and then expanding to buying your own weights, blocks, and higher quality mats and equipment.

What to Bring to Yoga Class


While mats come in many price ranges and styles, getting a high-quality mat will really make a difference if you are practicing yoga regularly. A mat will be required for class. Most studios rent them out, but as with most of these items, it’s best to have your own to avoid using someone else’s sweaty equipment. Renting is certainly ok for a bit, but if you plan to make hot yoga a habit, you’ll eventually want your own.

Yoga mats range in price from under $20 to hundreds. I started with a simple Gaiam mat, and after years of practicing, I got the 5mm Lululemon Yoga Mat and I love it. I also have a lighter, thinner option from Manduka as well. All of these mats are of great quality for classic yoga but do depend on usage. I would not use the Gaiam mat for continuous sculpt use or for any workouts other than yoga where you may be wearing shoes because the foam will not hold up to the shoe tread. The Lululemon and Manduka mats are great for multi-purpose exercise use, and I regularly use them for my Sweat app workouts too.

Water Bottle

You will need to stay hydrated, so a water bottle is a must! I love my hydro flask, but any water bottle that holds temperature will work. Keep in mind a plastic water bottle will get very warm and unappetizing in a hot yoga studio, but it is better than nothing. My yoga instructor tells us to drink water before, during, and after class so we can stay fully hydrated with the activity and heat.

Sweat Towel

Another necessity is a sweat towel. In reality, any towel will do, but if you don’t want to bring your hand towels from home, I have a few different options I rotate through. This Lululemon microfiber The Towel is a great option, but I also grabbed this microfiber pack from Amazon and they work great too! No matter what option you choose I do recommend designated towels to wipe your sweat rather than mixing with your everyday options.

Mat Towel

Not everyone uses a mat towel, and you likely won’t need one for every class. They are great for hot yoga classes when you’re extra sweaty, but can help keep you stable regardless of the type of yoga you are practicing. They help absorb moisture and keep your mat safe and dry. I love my Lululemon one, but I have a few and like different options.


Blocks are used to bring the floor up higher to you when practicing yoga. You may want the extra height for support or to help with stretching. Most studios will have these optionally available for you to use, however it’s nice to have your own equipment. You can clean them on your own time, and not reuse other people’s sweaty instruments.


While not necessary for a regular yoga class, I go to sculpt classes that do require weights. While the yoga studio will provide them, it’s nice to bring your own so you can get in and out without waiting in line and re-rack them at the end of class. You can also choose to wear wrist or ankle weights in class, but most people just use their body weight to practice.

Change of Clothes

Of course, you will want comfortable yoga clothes, so if you’re coming from or going to work, you will want to bring a change of clothes. Check out my post on what to wear to hot yoga. I usually opt for a great pair of leggings over yoga pants, and a cropped tank top or longline sports bra.

Post Yoga Snack

After yoga, you’ll need to restore your energy levels. You can bring a protein bar or snack to eat on the go. Otherwise, a banana and peanut butter-to-go pack would be another great option! A high-protein smoothie would be great too, but you’ll need a good thermos to keep it cold.

Yoga Class Essentials

What to Bring to Yoga Class

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