What to Wear to an Outdoor Fall Wedding

What to Wear to an Outdoor Fall Wedding

I absolutely love weddings. Ours was in the fall and it was beautiful weather in Texas! While Fall weather can go in many directions I love the cool crisp air and if you’re lucky enough to live in an area where the leaves change, the beautiful scenery can make an incredible backdrop for an outdoor wedding. However, it is more challenging to dress for the unpredictable fall weather. You’ll need to be prepared for warm and sunny, cold and rainy, or even snow! I’m sharing some wedding guest outfit ideas to help you pick what to wear to an outdoor fall wedding.

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What to Wear to an Outdoor Fall Wedding

Outdoor Fall Wedding Guest Outfit 1

I love burgundy for the fall season. I got the pleated dress below years ago and it was such a gorgeous dress for a wedding we attended in Ohio. The color is great for fall and would look gorgeous with a backdrop of colorful foliage. It is also great for layering, as you’ll want a jacket overtop in case it is chilly out. I love a topcoat for these occasions because they are very versatile and can be worn in many situations past a more formal occasion.

With a burgundy dress, you’ll want a complementary color, like black or light pink. I also love cream but not for a wedding. A brown teddy coat would also be a great option for the fall.

Burgundy Dresses


Outdoor Fall Wedding Guest Outfit 2

Jumpsuits are some of my favorite wedding attire. They are great for an outdoor fall wedding because they can cover and keep your legs warm which is more than most dresses can do. You can cover your arms with a blazer or longer jacket. I love a velvet jumpsuit but you can add a touch of sparkle for a great option too!

Jumpsuit styles vary so your jacket style can as well. A wool topcoat would be a great option, or you cold do faux fur in a long coat or caplet option depending on your style.


Coats and Jackets

Outdoor Fall Wedding Guest Outfit 3

Wedding guest attire is always tough to navigate, especially when there are so many different dress codes. For a semi-formal fall wedding, I love a pretty dress, but you can also look at skirt and top options. I love this outfit below with a leather skirt and jewel-tone sequin top. You could also do a cocktail dress and add a leather jacket over top for an edgier look.

When choosing your wedding guest attire for a more casual fall wedding, you can wear a maxi dress, slacks, or trousers with a blouse, but personally, I’ll choose a cocktail dress most often. To wear to a causal fall wedding, you can pair your dress with booties instead of pumps or sandals.

Again your jacket is dependent on your outfit. If you choose trousers, I recommend a long overcoat coat style, it will add a formal element to your look. I love a leather jacket for a more casual look, though. With a pleated skirt and cami, you can add a leather jacket over top. I love my All Saints jacket!

Skirts, Pants, and Tops

Leather Jacket

Cocktail Dresses

Coats and Jackets

Outdoor Fall Wedding Guest Outfit 4

Most weddings have cocktail attire dress codes. Unless otherwise specified, it’s usually a safe bet to assume cocktail attire is appropriate. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a little black dress. In the photo below you can see I added pink accessories and a pretty pendant that flattered my dress’s neckline.

With a little black slip dress, I love a colorful coat. I would choose a longer knee-length style and ideally something that helps cinch the waist. A pop of color is perfect for this look!

Little Black Dresses

Coats for LBDs

Outdoor Fall Wedding Guest Outfit 5

Formal or black tie weddings usually require full-length gowns, not to be confused with a maxi dress. A gown will be more formal material, whereas a maxi dress is more often everyday fabric like cotton. A gown may have several layers or even a train.

In the photo on the left below I was in the wedding but was able to choose my own dress, I would choose this satin black gown again and again. The cut was so flattering and the slit added a touch of sexiness. I wore it with my pearl necklace made by my friend who owns Juju Jewelry. The earrings were a gift from the bride. I wore pumps to stand in the ceremony, and swapped for sneakers to dance later! This was actually a January wedding, but Texas January mimics fall weather for more northern states and cooler places. Also, despite the photo, this reception was outdoors in a tented gazebo, they just served the food indoors.

The photo on the right is actually my prom dress! I still love it and wore it to a black-tie wedding in 2021. It was the perfect color for a fall wedding. While my prom dress is very old and not sold anymore, I love Lulus for beautiful, well-priced gowns in tons of styles. I have a hard time spending a lot of money on a gown I’ll only wear once, so if possible, I try to keep it under $100.

With a formal gown, you’ll want a long coat or a caplet. A caplet is usually faux fur, it can be a shrug, a small waist-length coat, or an actual cape. Personally, I prefer one with arms vs a cape for mobility and comfort. If it is really cold, you’ll want a longer wool coat. With a formal gown, I love the style with fur on the collar, but if that is unavailable to you, or you don’t want to buy one, a regular wool topcoat is a great option too!

Formal Gowns

Caplets and Coats

Wedding Dress Ettiquette

When deciding what to wear to an outdoor fall wedding, don’t wear white, cream, or ivory to a wedding, unless you’re the bride or it was specifically requested by the bride. Don’t wear anything too flashy, like a fully sequin gown, or anything overly revealing. Overall, it’s not your day and you don’t want to draw too much attention to yourself.

Before figuring out what to wear, check out the wedding invitation or website for the dress code.

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